Wednesday, October 14, 2009

You can't take the country outta the girl!

....and apparently - it's passed on to the boy!

First a little background - I was raised a country girl... not necessarily on a farm, (although my parents do NOW have a farm) but there were lots of 4-wheelers, bikes, mud pies, many nights at the ball park and LOTS of boys...  I just never (ok rarely) hung out with the girls and played barbies!  I was much too much of a free spirit to sit inside and "pretend" with dolls!  I was way more into running around outside and getting dirty and not having a care in the world.  I didn't care what people thought or how I was "supposed" to act!  (that trait has lovingly stuck with me!)
When I got pregnant - I prayed for a boy....yes I did!  Oh - I prayed for a healthy child and 10 toes and 10 fingers, but secretly I prayed extra hard for a boy.  In fact, I only had a boy name picked out when I went to the hospital.  I just wasn't sure I could do the pink and the frills and all the things that come along with the girl.  I was way too much of a country tom boy - right!!!

Fast-forward to today.....I live in the city, I wear jeans that are WAY outside of my budget, I get my hair done, I get my nails done, I love sushi, I LOVE to shop....oh I could go on and on.....
BUT - here's the thing.....  this turned city girl - did NOT lose the "I live in the country", free spirit, tom boy "who cares" attitude!!!  My SON reminded me of that tonight!

Our house is in the city limits.  We have neighbors on both sides that I could reach out and touch....street lights, neighborhood watch (well kinda, thats more just nosey neightbors!), people walk and run in the neighborhood - BUT - God forbid that dampen my spirit OR my "every one is good" attitude.  I am the girl that leaves my blinds open all day and night all year round.  I'm the girl that takes a shower with the front door wide open.  I am the girl that gets out of the shower and walks through the house looking for something to wear!!!  (yeah - my neighbors LOVE me!)  ha ha   My mother cringes every time she comes to my house and every blind and sometimes every window in the house is open!  But my son and I - we don't even think about it!

OK - finally - to my point for the night......tonight I headed to town and my phone rings.  It's my son.  He's calling to tell me that after his afternoon visit to the bathroom - he was not so pleasantly surprised to realize there was no toilet paper in the bathroom.  He apparently was completely naked (I don't know - is it necessary for boys to completely disrobe to sit on the throne???  LOL)   Anyway - him - on the toilet, naked, no toilet paper.  Sooooo - he proceeds to exit  throne and take a run through the house to the kitchen for paper towels to take care of his business!!!!
I am now CRACKING UP!!!   Blinds open, middle of the day, and my 14 year old son streaking through the house for paper towels.
I bet my neighbors WISH we lived in the country!!!!!!!!!
my poor country boy trapped in the big city!  ha ha
There is no privacy here.....

*sidenote - the pictures attached, the donkeys,  that would be Julio Bud at the top and Jose Jalapeno below.  They live on the farm at my parents and belong to my son and my niece!  THEY are another country story for another day!*


Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

LOL! Poor kid!!

Allyson said...

Hey! Stopping on over like I promised!

This is such a cute story. It's fabulous you didn't let the city life change you. :)

I love your blog!! I'm now your newest stalker, er I mean follower. ha ha

Tami G said...

Lee - "poor kid" doesn't even scratch the surface. My poor boy is ruined for life! ha ha It's been just the two of us since he was a baby.....that might be just a smidgen too much of one of one with mommy! ;-)

Allyson - YAY for new followers! THX for reading!!

Stephanie Faris said...

I'm a city girl at heart but many of my stories are set in the country. I guess we always wonder about the other way of life!

Shayna P said...

OMG!! That's hilarious! But poor kid. Sounds like me at my grandparents lake house though. I could never move to the city...for many reasons...but that's a pretty good one. :P

kyslp said...

Boys! Too funny!

Anonymous said...

At least he called you.

Tami G said...

Stephanie - I really am a city girl - I'm spoiled to the core. But at the same time, I act like some girl taken straight out of the woods sometimes - ha ha

Shayna - yes, bless his poor little heart! ha ha I read him this blog and I thought he was gonna DIE! ha ha

Secretia - he ALWAYS calls me in crisis. WHY?!?! because he's really a girl?!!? CRACK ME UP!