Monday, November 30, 2009

Motivational Monday :)

Happy Monday
I know we are coming back from a LOOOONG (thank goodness) holiday weekend and it's gonna be tough getting back to the ol' routine  (yuck!)
Soooo.... I'm here to spread some sunshine and get your week off to a good start!
(good news is:  only 3 more full weeks before we get another LOOOOONG weekend - YAY!  Always a bright side - just gotta find it!)

So - without going into too much detail (because that will TOTALLY ruin my blogs to come) I have had quite possibly the most enlightening BEST weekend ever!!!!!  (stories to come about change, friends, new chapters & my sons early Christmas present)  All in all - I can't begin to tell you how happy I am right now and how amazed in every way, every day how God has a way of working things out in my life.
More times than not - I don't listen or fight things that I don't agree with - but every time - over and over again - when I just "let go", God blesses me in more ways than I could ever even ask for on my own.

Here's a quote I found to share: 
Today is the tomorrow I was worried about yesterday... 
and everything is ok
Start your week off by just getting through today.  Take one day at a time and put the rest in God's hands.  You will be so surprised to know that if you will just let go and stop trying so hard to control your own life, he will put everything where it is supposed to be  =)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and got to spend lots of time with all your family & your loved ones.
Have a beautiful week & spread a little sunshine   =)
Smile today - it's contageous!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Loving unconditional is a gift from God.......most days

Unconditional love is a term used to describe a love shared with someone regardless of the other's actions or beliefs.  It is comparable to the term "true love" which is used most often between lovers.  At the same time, unconditional love is frequently used to describe the love between family members, very good friends and also used to describe God's love for us through the forgiveness of Christ.

After a long intense (texted) conversation with a friend of mine recently, he asked me:  "Have u never had 100 percent true unconditional love?"  My response was - "other than my girlfriends & family, no."
Now - my girls and I definitely have an unconditional love for each other, but dating/relationship wise... no.  I don't think I have ever had a 100% shared unconditional love in any relationship.  (Thank God I'm still single then - right?!)  It seems one has always been more or less committed than the other, or one is looking for something more, or one is NOT looking to be serious... always something to break that bond.

Now - do I think I have LOVED unconditionally?  ABSO-freaking-LUTELY!!!!!!!  Every day of my life!  I just don't think it's ever been a mutually shared 100% love that was the same and REAL.  There are so many people that have passed through my life, some who still remain, that maybe I don't agree with and maybe I have had words with, and maybe, just maybe they turned their back and walked away from me.  BUT - I still contain so much love in my heart for them... sometimes it just pisses me off!  ;-)  BUT - at the same time, most days, I feel so lucky and blessed and I am so thankful for it. 
So in turn, I sometimes wonder if I was meant to just GIVE love and hope to those around me.  Like that is my gift from God... my big huge loving, forgiving, heart.  I can't even begin to tell you the number of times people have let me down or broken my heart.....but you know what's really weird and I have yet to figure out - I still to this day LOVE those people unconditionally.  6 months from the day you broke my heart, you could call me and ask for help and I'd be there.  I just can't NOT love or NOT give hope to everyone around me.  (i don't do it on purpose people....I can't help it!  ha ha)  I look at people and situations and I see hope..... (I don't always do that in my OWN life - but I'm VERY good at giving it to those I surround myself with!)
Now - don't get me wrong - I'm not saying I'm not WORTHY of being loved unconditionally OR that I am NOT loved unconditionally - it's just that the love is different with each I guess.  And in relationships, maybe I have been loved unconditionally but didn't share in it with the person.  I don't know. 

So I often wonder if my purpose here on earth is to go at it alone.  To love and give hope to those around me on this journey of life.   I was given a son by the grace of God to show me the REALMS of true neverending undying unconditional love......(because trust me, from one parent to another, no one can break your heart MORE than your own child - but we just keep on lovin them!)
I look at couples and I envy what they have.  I envy that bond that they have.  I envy them having someone to come home to at night.  I envy the touch of a man on the small of his wife's back.  ohhhhh - there are so many little things that people take for granted that I see.  I see them every day.  And they used to make me sad........they used to make me lonely.  They used to make me look at God and say "IT'S NOT FAIR!"
But no more.

Today (this is a work in progress people) I'm learning to be thankful for the gift God has given me.  I don't have to just share my love with one......I get to share it with everyone I meet.  Oh yeah - I have been and will again be let down & have my heart broken, but that's ok.  Because even when that person walks away, they will now have a piece of unconditional love - and even if they have never seen it or felt it before, I promise you - that they will never forget what it felt like.   =)
my footprints in the world..........

Thursday, November 26, 2009

"TIWT" Happy Thanksgiving - let family time begin =)

As always - from the beautiful and talented Sass comes the "Things I want Thursday" post.  HOWEVER with it being Thanksgiving and all - today we are rolling with "Things I'm THANKFUL for Thursday"  YAY!

Here is just a small peek at all the things I have to be thankful for today!

1.  getting to sleep in today!  (hee hee)

2.  having a roof over my head, food on the table, and a vehicle to get me where I need to go!  And a job to be able to pay for all that!  (well....almost - ha ha)

3.  my son - who 14 years ago changed my life FOREVER!  I never knew you could love like this.

4.  my family - who I turned my back on years ago...and they welcomed me back - even after all the wrong turns and mistakes I had made - with open arms.  My very spunky, weird, insane, HUGE heart of a family could never be duplicated or replaced  =)  I'm so thankful for that!!

5.  the fact that today I will be giving my son and early Christmas present.  It's the BEST Christmas present ever and he might fall over when he realizes what it is!!!!  PROMISE!  (there WILL be a blog about that later!)

6.  my faith and Christian upbringing - I don't know how people make it through life without having a God to turn to.  There are days that I couldn't get up out of bed and walk without him by my side.

7.  my friends - I am SO thankful for ALL the friends that I have been blessed with in my life.  I can't even begin to name them all but EACH of them brings me a unique and special kind of joy that I could not live without!  I am especially thankful for those friends of mine who challenge me almost daily to be a better person!  =)

8.  my blog and all the friends I have made on this journey.  I never ever thought I would be able to say this - but I'm thankful to each and every one of you who read me and allow me to vent and cry and scream and say totally retarded things....  and you read and get to know me and send love my way!  and even prayers when asked for.  I'm thankful that I have a place to come and speak and just be me...  and you all accept me as I am.  Thank you to the bloggy world and all my bloggy buds.

I seriously could go on and on and on with this list all day long (but I have to go cook and get ready for family time!!)....  I am thankful for the life that I call mine.  I am crazy with it some days, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. 

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!!
{{Hugs and Kisses}}
Tami G

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

You never know what HOT STUFF might happen at Wally World!!!

So today - I'm sharing a guest post with you!
No - my lovely friend the "kinky klubhopper" (don't even ASK about that name....LOL) does not have a blog - but boy does she BLOG to me!  ha ha
Today she told me the best WalMart story I have heard in .... a long....time... well - no ok - EVAH!!!
My friend is hilarious and I have begged to share this story with you all.
Kick back and prepare to be entertained  :)
*straight from the Klubhopper's mouth*
I was approached at Wal Mart just now during my lunch hour.
I was at Wal Mart minding my own business.  Walking out to the car and I saw this really nice looking guy.  Dressed in business clothes.  And I’ve told you about the plain solid blue long sleeve button down!!  They ALWAYS catch my eye.  In my opinion, they just look so sharp on a man. Especially with black pants.  WELL, that’s what he was wearing.  Probably about 48 years old… or so.  Carrying something to his bitchen suv which was parked just up from my car.  He comes up to me and says (but really …not in a creepy way somehow), “I must say this.  But I’m always surprised when I see such pretty women at Wal Mart.”  I said, “thank you, that’s a nice thing to say.”  He said (looked at my hand), “I see you’re not married.”  I said, “No.”  He said, “A baby, huh?” (pointed at the car seat in my car)  I said, “Well, no… I have a ….” And he goes (and HERE’S where I lost my spunk and felt myself spiral downward…) he said, “Ohhhhh, got a grandbaby maybe?” 
WELLL…… once he said THAT, I could plainly hear the unmistakable sound of a dying pac man come blaring out of the heavens above.  BOINK BOINK.
He asked, “I guess you have a boyfriend?”
I said, “Yes, I do.”  And he said, “Yep, that’s what I figured.  Just my luck.”  And he introduced himself.  Keith.  Shook my hand.  I said, “It was nice to meet you, Keith.  Have a nice day.”
And I couldn’t help but wonder as I got into my car… HOW desperate does a nice looking man like him have to be before they’ll actually begin approaching women at Wal Mart the same way you would at … say… 440???  (this is a local hangout/bar)

Let me point out that my friend KK is H.O.T and looks nothing remotely like a "grandmother" in any sense of the word!  =)
Isn't she GRRRRRRRREAT!!??!!!
I love her and all her GREAT stories  =) 
the pac man sound effects are the BEST!!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Post-it Tuesday! BRING ON THE HOLIDAYZ!!! =)

Welcome back to Post-It Note Tuesday

I soooo love this new little game with posties.... I'll try to be in better spirits this week!  Feel free to comment - or link up and post your own Post-it Notes!
You can make your own Post It Notes << HERE >> yes - that's right.....just click and go be creative!
Also - run over and check out Supah Mommy's post its and you can link up there too!

LET the FUN begin!!!!

I was up waaaaaaaaaay too late catching up on my blogging - WAYYYY too late!
I'll take an IV bag of coffee please!  =)

my new favorite quote from Preacher T:  "knowlege not shared is wisdom wasted in vain"

WISHING everyone the BEST Thanksgiving EVAH!!!!!!!!  Take the time to be thankful for all that you have!!  {REALLY do that - don't just "say" your thankful...}  Thanksgiving is my FAVORITE holiday - all the family time without the pressure of the gift giving and money spending and commercialism!
ENJOY your life!  Be thankful for the ones in your life & cherish every moment!

LOTS of {{{HUGS}}} to everyone!
Tami G

Monday, November 23, 2009

Motivational Monday :)

Today will be a condensed version of Motivational Monday.
#1 - I'm NOT in the mood  (ha ha)
#2 - work and life are crazy and my poor blog suffers the most ...
But putting a BIG smile on your pretty little bloggy faces is something I just can't pass up!
So - in light of wishing everyone a great SHORT work week and starting the week on a happy note - I want to tell you ALL to go see The Blind Side (with Sandra Bullock and Tim McGraw).
SUCH an inspiring story... I don't want to give too much away about the movie because you MUST see it yourself - but WOW, it's amazing how one kind act can snowball into so many lives being changed.  (makes you really think about your own life ...)

AND - because I see everything in a twisted way anyway........I went into the movie expecting to cry from opening to closing credits, but in the end was suprised at the reasoning behind my tears.  Yes it's a great story, yes there are heart-wrenching moments that will break your heart to think actually happen in real life, BUT nonetheless, the MOST tear inspiring moments for me were.... the scenes between the husband and wife.  {I really could cry just replaying it in my head}  AGAIN not to give too much away, but the relationship between the two of them is.......well.......for me, just amazingly unbelievable.  Yes yes yes, I know it's a movie - it doesn't matter - it's based on a real life story and it's not like it's anything that is not possible.  Yes - I guess I am a true romantic (although I don't admit that often) but real honest true love is so rare and hard to come by, just seeing it (even if on the big screen) brings emotions out in me that I can't even describe.  The respect and support that they show each other thoughout the entire movie is just......well - what I'm looking for... someone to be a partner, someone to constantly strive to GIVE BACK to those around us, someone that inspires me to be a better person....THAT is what this couple shares.  I'll take the REAL LIFE that comes with the relationship for those rare moments that anyone standing in the room can feel the love and support and respect that the two of you share!
The other tear inspiring thing for me in the movie, is the closeness and support of the entire family.  I have this family - in real life!!!!  I have that family that will stand beside you no matter what - EVEN if they have doubts and think you are wrong; we love, we support and we come out together in the end no matter what.

THESE are the parts of the movie that meant the most to me.
I encourage each of you to see it and challenge you to live your life encouraging not hendering those around you!  Stand for what you believe in and be thankful for all of the good in your life - for some, it's not as easy as others.

(yes - this was a condensed post - ummm - well - it was supposed to be anyway...)

Friday, November 20, 2009

You freaking wish your Friday night rocked like mine!!!!

So.......all's been crazy at work.  On top of that - my emotions & my life have been thrown around, bounced off the walls & altered and put on a new train track.  I'm working on moving in new directions, almost finished with classes, and took over as the new boys basketball concession "leader" for the boys high school team!
Yes - I lead FAR from a boring life.
Anyway - so I'm sooooooooooo happy its Friday and sooooooo looking forward to tonight!!!!!

Who wants to know what I'm doing?!?!
ur gonna be so jealous {she says tauntingly...}........

OK - so - when I get off work - here is what's on the agenda.......

get all hot and sexy sweaty!  
THIS = going to the gym to hang out with @GetTonedFitness!

lay around naked!  
THIS = going to the tanning bed.

do a little dancing! 
THIS = I'll be cleaning the house tonight - I rock iTunes and act a fool while cleaning!

scream and yell a little bit!  
THIS = UNC is playing tonight and I HOPE I get the game on ESPN!

get undressed, and dressed, and undressed and dressed (REPEAT)
THIS = I'm cleaning out my closet tonight!

MAN - I sound really fun & HOT in bold!!!!!!!!!!  LMAO
not so hot and a tad boring in the red!  =)
that's ok...
I love being thirty-something!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

To all the women who have left footprints in my life... You are BEAUTIFUL!

I received the most beautiful email from a friend of mine a few weeks ago.  Today - my emotions are kinda all over the place so I'm posting this as a reminder to ME & a reminder to all my beautiful girlfriends & family of just how GREAT you are!  (women only here...step back guys!  unless you wanna show some respect)  ;-)

**I had to go back in and edit this before it posted....I just read this same lovely post on my sweet little bloggy buddy Allyson's page.  We are soul sistas girl... LUV it!!**

One Flaw In Women

Women have strengths that amaze men.....

They bear hardships and they carry burdens,
but they hold happiness, love and joy.

They smile when they want to scream.

They sing when they want to cry.

They cry when they are happy
and laugh when they are nervous.

They fight for what they believe in..

They stand up to injustice.

They don't take "no" for an answer
when they believe there is a better solution.

They go without so their family can have.

They go to the doctor with a frightened friend.

They love unconditionally.

They cry when their children excel
and cheer when their friends get awards.

They are happy when they hear about
a birth or a wedding.

Their hearts break when a friend dies.

They grieve at the loss of a family member,
yet they are strong when they think there is no strength left.

They know that a hug and a kiss
can heal a broken heart.

Women come in all shapes, sizes and colors.

They'll drive, fly, walk, run or e-mail you
to show how much they care about you.

The heart of a woman is what
makes the world keep turning.

They bring joy, hope and love.

They have compassion and ideas.

They give moral support to their
family and friends.

Women have vital things to say
and everything to give.



Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Out of the GRAY and into the BLUE - yes some days - I NEED the fantasy world!

After a few days of grumpy crabby cry-baby Tami - I get sick of me and refuse to stay there.. in that crappy gray world!
SOooooo - because I'm me and this is what I do - I devise a way out.
I have an un-earthly gift to alter my world with my mind... It's a protection mechanism of sorts I guess.
I can change direction, shut off emotions, or shut someone out in a snap.  It's what I do.
So - guess what - I'm over crappy gray Tami and I have flipped the switch.... off on my new direction in my new little world!
Wanna roll with me?!?!!!  hee hee
Soooooo - I'm finishing up classes in December (AGAIN)  These are the additional pre-req classes that I have to have (after finishing WKU last year) in order to be accepted into the Sonography program.  Hopefully (fingers crossed MAJOR) I will be accepted into the program and get to start next August.  Meanwhile, I will have the spring and summer semesters off from school.   It's been a LONG time since I have not taken at least one class per semester (ok - I got lost for a minute)  The point is...  I'll (hopefully) start in August 2010 and finish in the summer of 2011.   At that point, my child will have 2 more years of high school before heading off to college.  Sooooo.... that gives me two more years to work here in the hometown and get a little experience under my belt.
Now - here is where it gets crazy (and fun!)
Here's my plan:
after getting Z off to college, moved in, started, rolling in the right direction, I'm thinking this is what I'll do.
* put the house on the market
* get online and find a new job....
Wanna know what I want to do???  Still sonography - BUT I wanna travel.  I have family that travel as RN's and they spent 6 months in Hawaii last year.  Paid to work, paid to travel and paid to live in Hawaii!!!  =)
yes......THIS is what I'm working for  :)
(does anyone know someone that does this for a living?  Sonography?  what about a traveling sonographer?)
Yes ... some may say I'm crazy - I don't care.... THIS is my goal.

And get this.... My girls and I really started hanging out a little over 3 years ago.  And if you had told us 3 years ago that we would ALL still be single 3 years later - we might not have believed you.  SO - Here's what I'm thinking (shut up -it's my story ... no judging)
One friend already works in radiology, one friend is an attorney and the other works in healthcare education. (and actually told me last night that she has thought about going back to school to be an RN)
What if.......stay with me......WHAT IF - 3 years from now, we are all still single...tell me HOW cool it would be to travel and work together.  Traveling sonographer, MRI radiographer, RN & our own attorney  =)
hee hee
 I'm just's been a crappy couple of days and when I get down.... I dream....NOT plan.....just dream.  You just never know what God has in store for you  =)
Happy dreams (and working towards my goal) from here on out!
No one stands in my way of getting what I want  =)
It would be cool (ahhhh ... the fun we could have) if I got a bonus and got to travel and work with the bestest girlfriends I could have ever dreamed of.

*PLUS - someone is gonna have to pay for college......sheeeeesh!!!
check out the song!  It's G.R.E.A.T!!!!!!!!!  (there is some dead time at the end of the song....)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Post-it Note Tuesday - there is NO sunshine here!

Welcome back to Post-It Note Tuesday
I soooo love this new little game with posties...but let me just forewarn you - mine will NOT be pretty today. Welcome to the "grumpy Tami" verson of post-its!  ;-)

Feel free to comment - or link up and post your own Post-it Notes!
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LET the FUN begin!!!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Motivational Monday :)

The greatest mistake you can make in life
is to be continually fearing that you will make one.

Here I am - back on Monday morning to spread some sunshine to start your week!
I hung out with a pretty amazing guy this weekend that reminded me...
we CAN make a difference.
So many of us go through life so scared of failure
that we paralyze ourselves from being happy & being great!
Today - I want to challenge everyone, when you come to a cross road or you have this pulling at your heart to do something.... just go with it.  Stop living life scared of failure.  Take a chance, put your trust in God and be great!!  You may fall down from time to time, things may not go quite as planned every time but in the end you will be surprised at the great things you can do and the love you will find just by taking the chance to let yourself be GREAT!  =)

I hope eveyone has a WONDERFUL week!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Six word Saturday

Sushi and UFC fights with friends!!!

I freaking LOVE my life!!!
Going to get ready to meet a slew of friends,
have some sushi and then watch some fights!!
YAY me!

**I stole Six Word Saturday idea from Matty  Go check him out! **

Thursday, November 12, 2009

just ONE thing I want on this TMI Thursday; although informational...this post will be hereby rated "R"

Usually on Thursdays I play along with "Things I Want Thursday"
hosted by our most deliciously sassy friend, Sass! But -  today I was having a hard time coming up with anything [worth mentioning] that I want right now.  Life is good.  I am happy and there is no where else I wanna be right now..... {I said right now...don't get too Thursday I may have a list a mile long - LOL}
So.... THEEEEEEN....a friend at work comes in with this story... and I have already laughed so hard I cried...I can officially say I learned something I NEVER NEVER NEVER really wanted to know & might now possibly be scarred for life! 
SOOOOOOOOOOO - guess what - in light of "Things I want Thursday" AND "TMI Thursday" - I'm double dipping!  Yeah that's right - DOUBLE DIPPING!!!!   cause THAT's how I roll!  :-p

What I WANT is to share this freaking hilarious laugh I had this morning.. & while I do that, I'll be playing along with "TMI Thursday" and sharing this newly learned information!
as previously stated - this post is rated "R"
earmuffs should could be required!  ;-)
*earmuffs = Old School reference if you are slow this morning*

OK - here we go.Courtesy of livitluvit  {hands over your ears}   OK not really dummy - you can't really hear me!  *you would put them over your EYES anyway*  ok but don't REALLY do that either......geeez  
Moving on.....
I don't know if anyone has ever heard of this or not - but online, you can go to what's called the Urban Dictionary.    It's kinda like a Wikapedia type dictionary - you can type and find just about anything that you ever wanted (or DIDN'T want) to know in that little search box.  {there's your background info}

Apparently yesterday - another girl that we work with got some sort of email (maybe she signed up for Urban Dictionary word of the day... Like Joey's "word of the day" toilet paper... ya know - on Friends)  so she gets this email with the word "skeet" in it.  Along with the Urban Dictionary definition.
First of all - does everyone know the word skeet?  You've heard it right - skeet shooting??  The, what I thought to be, true definition online is "A form of trapshooting in which clay targets are thrown from traps to simulate birds in flight and are shot at from different stations."
Little did I know, this words doubles in the Urban Dictionary...  TOTALLY different!!!!
From time to time I have heard this term "skeet" in rap songs... never thought much of it, just thought they were using it as sort of a sound filler or whatever in the song! 

Here is the shortened Urban dictionary definition:
"Skeet" is actually a form of birth control practiced by the African-American tribes of North America near the beginning of the 21st Centruy. Visionaries of the time (such as Lil Jon and Nelly) recognized the inevitable and everpresent danger of overpopulation in their land and decided to take action. They discovered an ancient form of birth control used by their ancestors that involved "pulling out and shooting" (much like skeet shooting) during sexual intercourse, as to not impregnate the female, or "biatch". The visionaries spread the word the only way they knew how: rap music. People would listen to the songs of the visionaries during ritual smoking ceremonies and chant "skeet skeet skeet!". Every tribe of their kind in the land listened to rap music and the idea of skeeting quickly gained in popularity.

First of all - WHO wrote this definition - FRICKIN hilarious....I know I know - it's TMI - but that's the POINT today (so I'm exempt from ridicule!)
And second of all - Are you kidding me?!?!?  LMAO!  do you know how many times my son and I have belted out that part of the Lil Jon song in the truck?!?!  HOLY COW!!!!!!
AND - get this - one of the girls' boyfriend loves this song and as a supervisor at his work, sometimes is known to wander around the hallways saying "skeet skeet skeet" to employees!!!

I'm crying - seriously crying!!!
who knew??!?
*Today's blog was made possible courtesy of my rappin beotch coworker "Lil Sansbury"*   =)

We outta here......
word to ya mutha.....

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Oh let me count the ways that I love thee.......

Obsessions....YUP - I got 'em!   =)
and ya know what is funny about obsessions....we love to feed them!  And all those around us that KNOW our obsessions, what do they do?!!  They feed them too!  (thx for that!)
Some of mine come and go (what can I say?!  I bore easily)  BUT some stick around for the long haul...
*how cool is this picture BTW - dot obsession*

THIS particular obsession for me ......has been around a long time and my MOTHER called me tonight during the CMA's to tell me he was on .......
OHHHHHH la la la
since day #1 on American Idol.... you know the crappy auditions.... where everyone sucks!  (YES  - I AM an American Idol junkie; that's another obsession - but let's not lose focus here....)  Pay attention while I go on and on and oooon about his eyes, his voice, that edgy, racey, sexy....  -  WAIT .......ok back to the subject {OBSESSION} at hand... since American Idol - I was hooked.
And tonight - my dear sweet mother called me FRANTICALLY.....
"WHERE are you?!?!?  are you near a TV???  turn it on!!!!  HURRY up - You're gonna miss it..... HURRY UP....!!!!"
*me - trying to turn the tv, which was DVRing 2 shows and if you have DVR you KNOW you can't turn the channel while it's recording 2 shows......ME running through the house to another tv - trying to find the remote and get a different tv on and turn the channel......AHHHHHHHH
*mother - the entire time "you're gonna miss it....... HURRY UP......  you're gonna miss it!"

Let's keep in mind here - at this point I have NO freaking clue WHAT I'm gonna miss......but it MUST be good, my mom RARELY gets excited about trivial things - right?!?!?

So me, running through the house, listening to the mother in my ear
FINALLY - get the tv on.......CMA's
Chris freaking Daughtry on the screen with Vince Gill (who just happens to be one of my mother's secret obsessions!)

SOoooo there you have it!  Thanks mom for FEEDING my obsession......I have now been on my laptop for HOURS listening to his new music and "ripping" it from the relms of the internetz and am now in the process of burning my very own NEW Chris Daughtry CD!!!!!!
OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH how I love thee!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm off to beddie bye now!
sleep well all my blogger buddies, Daughtry and I will be well tonight - thanks for asking!  ha ha

Wanna share my obsession?!?!?  oh come KNOW you wanna......
Click below!  this is the song he did with Vince tonight  =)
ENJOY.....  but remember - MY. obsession.   {growl}

ME??!! a THETA mom!

Holy moly... MJ over at The Dirty Little Confessions tagged me as a THETA (THE True Authentic) mom. 
I am to share five reason why I deserve to be a THETA mom and then tag some more mommy's and challenge them to name their reasons.
This was harder than I thought it was gonna be.... (... because I'm not very good at talking myself up like this... but ok, ok, I have read several others so I'm playing...)
*twist my arm*
Here we go..
Let me begin by saying - I'm FAR from being the "picture perfect" mommy.  I got pregnant at a very young age and didn't have a FLIPPIN clue what I was doing........I STILL DONT!!!  I am not the PTO mom who attends anything and everything I can attend at my child's school; I do just enough to know enough.  I don't sit beside him in the bathroom while he throws up (but I do sit in the hallway with a glass of water... weak stomach)....I don't (and can't) get him EVERYTHING he wants; sometimes I say no.  But I tell him every day that I love him and we learn about life together day by day.......and I could NOT ask for any more love in my heart!!!!
*I try to make it a point to thank God EVERY day (ok - every other... well... ok some - come on -he's a teenager - some days are harder than others  ha ha) for the wonderful blessing he put into my life!!

so anyway....  WHAT was I doing here?!?!  Oh yeah, shhhhhhh - I'm a THETA mom (snicker)  ...five things that make me GREAT - LOL
(hardly...but here they are!)

1.  I play the role of mommy AND daddy at home.  I realize in normal situations the mommy usually plays the nurturer and the daddy is the disciplinarian - but in my case, it's just me and Zack - so I get to do both! (aren't I lucky?!)  With the daddy role - I get two very special prizes....not that I wouldn't be this way anyway ! 
First of all - I get to be the hard-ass.... tough love as I like to call it.  Sure he is spoiled (bad mom - BAD!) and he can bat those eyes and be all sweet and get just about anything he wants.... BUT I do have limits and I do NOT tolerate disrespect, or lying, or whining, or FAILURE (ok there is ALOT I don't tolerate - but you get the point)  I instill very high expectations & I PUSH him to the limit in life... I AM the ultimate hard-ass parent!  I have to be....
Second of all, the boy is VERY athletically inclined so I have always pushed and supported his sports!  No matter what!  ohhhhhh there have been many a missed meals (by me) and many a missed trips and girl time and "ME" time (oh AND a broken engagement - LOSER!) in order to ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS be at ballgames and practice and buy all the gear needed and travel (man have we a matter of fact, he was on the Little League team from KY last year that was ONE game away from going to the Little League world series!  that included LOTS of travel and LOTS of $$$$ - but we did it...once in a lifetime - sorry - does the bragging come in the mommy or daddy role?!!?  LOL)  He is a great athlete...and although being a single mommy at the ballpark sucks (ALOT) I'm always there!  Luckily I have a great supportive family (Denise you are included in that) that travels and attends with me... but I'm just saying - (I could write another blog on this subject) being the single (usually youngest) girl at the ballpark with all the husbands (cause this is mostly "daddy turf"...) it just sucks.  Some of those mommys...  well anyway - I'm paranoid about that kind of crap....but I do it - and I back my child 100%!
*sidenote - Z does have a daddy - he is in the same town, but I guess you have gathered my impression of the input he has in Z's life....*  blah blah blah.... that's all I have to say about THAT!

2.  I am ALWAYS open and honest with my child.  He is definitely not sheltered from life.  How do you expect a child to grow up and go out on their own without knowing the harsh reality of real life.  Sure some people probably think I tell him too much... and maybe I do - BUT he won't go off to college not understanding the value of money (and how HARD it is to keep it in check) & he'll know how to wash his own clothes & he'll know about peer pressure & girls & dating & heartbreak (Gosh has he seen heartbreak!!) .... he has seen this all before!  He won't go out into the world sheltered and have culture shock.   Oh - it will still be hard and it will still hurt & suck on some days - but at least he is exposed and prepared....

3.  I have instilled morals and God's love into my child.  My boy knows who holds the world in his hands.  He knows that things happen for a reason and that God has a plan for him.  (AND me!)  Z has a HUGE heart (mostly that he inherited from my wonderful family) - he is the most compassionate, sensitive, loving individual that I know.  He is BOY through and through - but he will not walk on people along the way.  He WILL be a great man and he will treat people (women) with RESPECT and I'm so proud to have taught him that  :)

4.  We know how to have fun at my house!  I have a wonderful loving FUN family and there is never a dull moment.......anywhere where we are involved.  I have built for him a VERY strong family foundation - we are all close and he knows that EVERYONE loves and is loved in my family.  Sure you have great friends throughout life - but sometimes, you lose them.... your family and that foundation are ALWAYS there and he KNOWS that.  We cut up and tease and make fun of each other - but THAT is how we show we care.  (We MIGHT possibly be the biggest pack of smart asses on the planet - it's just who we are people!)  You must have tough skin to hang with us....

5.  I'm the hottest coolest mom around!  LOL    Seriously - I am his mother, I am his friend, I am his role model, I am his encourager, I am his disciplinarian, I am the nurturer, I am his PUSHER....  I'm emotional and loving and caring and yet can be cold as ice when needed.   ALL of this while doing the "running man" in the middle of the living room, with the blinds open and everyone in the neighborhood watching!  He is the number ONE priority in my life and he will never never never doubt that.  Whether we are bringing down the house with the radio and dancing OR we are screaming and yelling because he wants to do something that I know will only end badly.  He KNOWS that I love him and how much he means to me - and THAT is the most important thing that you can give your child!!!

OK - well that's all I've got for ya today!
I LOVE and THANK GOD for my baby cup runneth over EVERY DAY!
If you haven't already read it - my most recent proud momma moment is posted here {the days I dread...that I dream of...} - I like to document them to go back and read on the days I wanna kill him and his TEENAGE attitude!!  LOL

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And here is a sweet little song for the day (and topic at hand!)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Post It Note Tuesday - the college version! HA

Welcome back to Post-It Note Tuesday   :)
let the fun begin!
(these are GREAT!)

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Monday, November 9, 2009

Motivational Monday :)

As promised last week - I'm back - to hopefully brighten your Monday and get your week off to a beautiful start! 
I have decided that MONDAY might just be my new favorite day of the week....WHY you ask?!?!  Because it's a FRESH start... on Monday morning everything from last week is erased and we get to start over.  THIS week - is gonna be GREAT  =)
I'm sharing a lovely little quote, which today is actually a bible verse that I heard on a movie (The Express) last night....and some music too (which was sung at my Sunday morning service at church)!  The lyrics are posted below because the words spoken in this song are so touching and inspiring!  (pay no attention to the pictures in the video - it's the only one I could find...)
Hope everyone has a FABULOUS week!!!!

1 Corinthians 15:10:
"But by the grace of God I am what I am: and his grace which was bestowed upon me was not in vain; but I labored more abundantly than they all: yet not I, but the grace of God which was with me."

I am who I am because that is who God wants me to be...and HE has a plan  :)   I trust that!

Things change
Plans fail
You look for love on a grander scale
Storms rise
Hopes fade
And you place your bets on another day
When the going gets tough
When the ride's too rough
When you're just not sure enough
Jesus will still be there
His love will never change
Sure as a steady rain
Jesus will still be there
When no one else is true
He'll still be loving you
When it looks like you've lost it all
And you haven't got a prayer
Jesus will still be there
Time flies
Hearts turn
A little bit wiser from lessons learned
But sometimes
Weakness wins
And you lose your foothold once again
When the going gets tough
When the ride's too rough
When you're just not sure enough...
Chorus (2X)
When it looks like you've lost it all
And you haven't got a prayer
Jesus will still be there

these are the days....that I dread....that I dream of...

We have had a fantabulous weekend here at the homestead.  I had to take a minute to put this on paper because there are far too many days when I wanna strangle my child - but this weekend, THIS weekend he makes me the proudest momma ever  =)
Z man is a freshman in high school this year, right?!... So this weekend - while I was getting ready, somehow the topic of alcohol/drugs came up. 
First of all - you have to understand that it's been just me and Zack for a loooong long time (well, all of his 14 years).  We do have a very open honest relationship (which I thank God for every day) - I really can't put into words how special the relationship is... but anyway - we are very close and he is always (knock on wood) honest with me.... well, ya know - about the serious stuff.  (maybe not always about his grades, report card, etc  ha ha)
So during the discussion, he proceeds to tell me that alot.... and by alot, I mean MOST.. of his friends (using the word "friends" loosely here, this includes kids he has classes with, not just his best friends...) have already tried drinking, smoking & some have even smoked pot.  Yes that's right.  Did I make it clear that he is a FRESHMAN.. in HIGH SCHOOL!!??  I mean WOW.   I knew the day would come but I guess I just didn't really expect it to be so soon...the peer pressure....WOW.  I'm not that naive - I remember it being in high school - but I just did NOT want to think about it happening to MY child already....
SO - The good news is we had a nice long talk about this subject (not that we have never talked about it before), and I have raised a good kid (knock on wood seriously.....HARD....KNOCK KNOCK).  He has no desire or curiosity whatsoever for any of the above.  Not to mention he is a HUGE athlete, and this doesn't mix.  So - I can honestly say (I may kick myself for this later) I have raised a good, honest, smart boy!  And I can't tell you how proud that makes me  =)
Today - I can say, that I truly believe he does NOT want to walk down that road AND I honestly believe that if he is tempted - he will talk to me about it.  And that is all I can hope for.... that he keeps his head on straight and is ALWAYS honest and open with me :)

Second proud momma moment from the weekend...  Z man and I are in the car.  We are talking about boys, girls, dating etc.  *In case you HAVEN'T heard me mention this before, I'm single - LOL*  Anyway  - just general discussion and Z looks over at me and says (yes I'm quoting cause it makes me a little teary eyed every time I tell the story)  he says  "Mom, I just don't get it.  All MY friends think you are hot... I think older guys are just stupid"
OK- yes I know - is that not the MOST precious thing ever!!  My 14 year old baby boy, trying to make ME feel better!  He sooooo does that from time to time and every time, it just makes me wanna cry a little.  #1 for raising a good kid, but #2 because he's a KID and isn't supposed to be worrying about me!
It's just too sweet!  and makes me smile and glow a little every time  =)

Tonight we spent the night being lazy and watched "The Express" together.
 I am a proud happy momma!  :)

BTW *sidenote* - after the "my (14 year old) friends think your hot" comment, I went to WKU homecoming and did a little tailgating... I did not get asked out by actual 14 year olds.... but let me just say, at my age, on college campus, when you DO get hit on, it does feel a little bit LIKE getting hit on by 14 year olds!  ha ha    But kinda flattering at the same time  =)
and they weren't all really THAT young either - just funny after the conversation with the boy!
& just for fun...Here are pics of me and my girl hanging out with the boys ....  LOL