Sunday, January 1, 2006


Check out some of my FAVES!!!

Loving unconditional is a gift from God.......most days

Friday funtimes.....a lil dance dance evolution!

Motivational Monday :) *you may be offended*

My 100th post - a little bit of me...

5K equals way too much time to think

Stupid Stupid boys

Love vs. in Love

About Me

So I've been blogging for years now.... and just realized there is nothing "About Me" on here!
So here goes........

I'm a single mother to a teenage boy.
I've dated
I've been engaged
I've been married
I've been divorced

I've had ups
I've had downs....

I'm a very free spirit and kinda just go with the flow.  Sometimes that's good and well.... sometimes that gets me in trouble!  But for the most part, I try to stay positive and fight through every day one step at a time.

I blog to vent
I blog to help
I blog to make you laugh
I blog to make you cry
But mostly - I blog to share life's ups and downs in hopes that one line I type in every blog touches just one soul somewhere in this great big world.  Knowing that I put a smile on one person's face, or gave one person the courage to get through one more day - is TRULY what keeps me going!

and keep in touch!!!!

Let me know when you agree or disagree
Let me know when I make you laugh or when I make you cry  :)
It keeps me going!