Saturday, October 3, 2009

an old school dedication

My friend and I, over wine last night, (which is always amusing in itself) had a discussion about music.  It's soooo weird and amazing how powerful it is.  (I think I have mentioned that part before)  Anyway - we were at her apartment last night and heard a neighbor blasting some Michael Jackson "Billy Jean"   I STILL to this day can not hear that song without picturing myself in elementary school in PE doing some kind of random aerobic workout/dance crap!  So funny that this has never moved on.......

Anyway we began naming songs and who or what they reminded of us........and today - I would like to dedicate a song to an old first true love (or so I thought - which is HILARIOUS to me now!)  I still have a picture of us at homecoming and my BANANA CLIP!!   ALSO HILARIOUS!!!  who ever thought THAT was a good idea?!?  LMAO
OK - anyway - to my first "i thought it was love" boyfriend ..........who is NOW in PRISON!!!!!!!  Yes - that's right....burglary, breaking and entering, drugs, you name it......we broke up and it was all downhill from there....
Actually he dumped me for Mary Jane.  and look where he is now.  Wonder if he ever thinks about that decision.
So here's to you JG!

PS - can someone move this darn candycorn and peanuts off of my end table!!!!!  ha ha  Happy Fall!

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