Saturday, October 31, 2009

5K equals way too much time to think today!

There are soooooooo many things I want to share with you all today!
GOSH - I haven't been on to really blog for like a day now and I feel like I'm about to bust...
I have SO many blogs started that I want to talk about today - but instead - because I can't choose which ONE I want to put all my focus into.....I'm just gonna do the usual.....UNLOAD RANDOMLY on you all!  LOL
(thanks for listening - big smile!)

First of all......I completed my first 5K today!!!!!  whoooooo hooooo YAY!!!!  This is something I never thought I would ever ever be able to do or want to do.  But I did and my time was like 36 minutes or so (won't know exact time until tomorrow)  which is not to shabby for my FIRST race ever AND considering I really just started even exercising not even 5 months ago!  Anyway - WOW what a freaking rush and what a freaking feeling.  It was amazing...  (see, I have a blog started about the race, but I can't focus on one thing today)  So after the race, while doing some riding around today, I got to thinking about ALOT (thus the need to unload)

Ok - so I started this blog in order to turn over a new leaf in my life and learn to appreciate "the life I never expected".  Today I had one of those moments.  During the race & continuing after the race, I got to thinking about my life, where I am and how in the world I ended up here.
Hello - I ran a 5K.  Who would have ever thought?!?!  How did I get here?  I want to first of all thank my friend Denise =)   She is my friend/aunt/sister/mom/everything all rolled into one.  Months ago, she decided to start going to the gym and recommended I join her.  I eventually did and look how far we have come.  My friend Denise ALSO ran the 5K was kinda on her bucket list  =)   Amazing!

This one little thankful thought to my girl Denise sent me spiraling out of control...LOL
Now I have spent hours today thinking about all the people in my life.  I don't have the time or energy to sit and type about each of them individually - nor do you all want to know THAT much about me OR my insane family and friends!  haha
So instead......I wanted to spread my joy that came from my thoughts today!

I have come so far in my life.....and alot of times (way more than I should) I talk about how strong I am and how I'm a single mom and I do EVERYTHING all by myself.
This is SUCH a lie.  I mean - physically yes it appears that way - right?!?!   But let me just say - without all of the love and support that I receive from my family and friends - I could never do and acheive the things I have accomplished in my life.
For some people who don't know me - I mean the REAL me, on the outside looking in, they see me.....stable, accomplished, successful, driven, relentless, etc.

But let me tell you this - all of those things and more would never be possible without the people in my life and so many times I forget to take the time to say thank you and really really appreciate how lucky I am.  but don't mistake me as that girl who has it all together and who has had life handed to me on a silver spoon!  SURE I want everyone to see that on that outside - we all do......and yes - that may be the image I portray to those people I meet on this crazy journey we call life.  But make no mistake, I'm a crazy, spontaneous, hangin by a thread train-wreck some (most) days.  And if it weren't for all the great people God has put in my life - I don't know what I would do OR where I would have ended up.
Sometimes we try to control our lives way too much and we worry that we can never do enough or we get down on ourselves for not being where we thought we would be.  A very good friend of mine recently reminded me "Tammy, NO ONE is where they thought they would be when they thought they would be there, and if they tell you that they are - they are lying!"  He's so right.  I'm soooooo not where I thought I should be at age 33 - I mean NO WHERE - not in any aspect.  BUT - thing is, I'm right where God WANTS me to be and today I took the time to thank HIM for bringing me through everything I have been through and giving me the shoulders of my friends and family to get me here.  What would I do without them?!
I ran a 5K for God's sake!
Who knew the power of living and loving the life you never expected.
Let go of the reigns and let God guide you!  and when you finally let go, sit back and be so thankful for all you have come through and all the things you HAVE accomplished, even though they aren't the things that are on your list.....a 5K was never on mine & I could name lots more that weren't, but that doesn't make me any less thankful for them!

In conclusion - for ALL of you out there who have been a part of my life - THANK YOU for being you!  Thank you for listening and giving advice & allowing me to be a part of your life too!
(my new blogger buddies - you guys have been a bigger part of my life and thoughts than you may ever know...your encouragement and prayers and random emails are a very unexpected new road in my life!!  And again - for that I am so thankful!)

Sorry if I've been a bit rambly today - it's been a crazy emotional weekend and though I was at a loss for words in my last blog - I seem to be overflowing with them today!  hee hee

HAPPY HALLOWEEN - I'm off to get ready  =)


tori said...

congrats on the 5K! That is awesome! And congrats on your life journey (and seeing all the blessings)...God is good!

Allyson said...

eeeek! you ran a 5K!!! *happy dance* i had no idea you were into running. you go girl!!

it's wonderful how far you've come. you should be very proud of everything you've accomplished!! keep shining hun!

MJ said...

you go girl!! What an amazing accomplishment!
It is great to see you so excited and overflowing with God's Love.
Have a wonderful day!

Dirty Little Confessions

PS there is a little treat over at my place for you

kys said...

Congrats on the 5K! That's awesome!

Kate said...

Wow congratulations! You must be super fit. Kate xx

Tami G said...

Tori - THANKS! I'm very proud and can't wait to try again! and yes - God is good - sometimes I have to remind myself more than others!

Allyson - thanks! I am proud and I'm NOT a runner - ha ha - this was my first. I usually do .25 mile on the treadmill inclined but that's I was a little nervous about doing so much...

MJ - Thanks! I am overflowing right now...I get lost from time to time in God's will and when I get back to where I need to be, life is so much easier :) AND thanks for the award girlie!! I'll be posting and having a ceremony later - either today or tomorrow - gotta killer math test tonight so it may have to wait - BUT THANK YOU - you are a sweet heart!

Kys - THANK YOU! I'm very happy!

Kate - Thanks. I would like to say I'm super fit - but I'm not! LOL I'm working on it though! At least I have a benchmark to beat now ;-)