Monday, October 26, 2009

tonight I need some therapy - Thanks Rob!

When I have had a bad day or those I love are having a bad day, I usually find myself lost in music.  It just always provides the emotional release that I'm looking for.  This weekend consisted of highs and lows all around me... at times I was laughing so hard I could have peed myself  (yes - my friend looked at me at one point and actually spoke the words "my love fern is dead....just like my love"  LOL   I love her!  She was seriously speaking of her flower...and for those that didn't get that - it's from "how to lose a guy in 10 days" best movie ever!!!)  Anyway - I also had some GREAT quality girl time at the Waffle House (come on, who can't be happy at Waffle House)!  Point in case - several pots of coffee later, the shopping cart picture!!!!!!  she is sooooo gonna kick my butt for posting that!  I do so love my girls!

So although there were definitely those highs to speak of, we as a whole - had a pretty emotional weekend too.  There is so much going on with all of us right now that its almost exhausting sometimes.  And not just us, more like everyone around me...
I in turn find myself most of these times, in my truck, alone, just me and my radio (CD's of my choice actually) driving aimlessly in my own little private therapy session!
Now that I've had my girl time and my therapy time, I'm going to bed with Rob .... Rob Thomas that is!  he's in my CD player... LOL
I think he is so amazing.....and so under-recognized.  His voice is just so raw and pure and FULL of emotion. (and I'm kinda partial because I read an article about him some time ago that went on and on regarding what a great husband and father he is.....and these days, any man that respects marriage rates pretty high in my book!)  I wanted to share that with you and although I spent way too much time trying to settle on one song, I just could not get away from "My, my, my"   I could not find an original video of Rob singing it - which drives me crazy - so I'm posting a cover of the song by some random person.   You will get the jist of the song along with the lyrics below.
SUCH a pretty song and sentiment.
and sums up my weekend in three words........MY MY MY....   8-)

Oh and PS - why did a cop just drive by my house at 1AM with the spotlight on??? geeeeez!  That will help with the sleep tonight!!!!!  My, my, my.......

"My, My, My"

The light from the window is fading
You turn on the light
The sound from the avenue's calling you
Open your eyes

And when you find
You're spending your time
Wanting for words
But never speak
You tell yourself
That the things you need come slow
But inside you just don't know

My, my, my
Let your bright light shine
Let your words live on
Far beyond this life
Beyond this life

Hold on to anything
Everything's over and done
Has the fear taken over you
Tell me
Is that what you want
To make up your life

Time after time
You're falling behind
Hold on to me
Never leave
Forever be what you mean to me right now
Don't you feel better now


Life with Kaishon said...

Well, I hope you and Rob got a great night of sleep together : ).

CRAZY about the cop driving by with the spotlight on.... CREEPY! Make sure all your doors are locked, oh wait, no need, you have Rob : )

Popping over from SITS this morning. Lovely to meet you.


yes - and tell rob i love the indians emblem on the shirt - go tribe - even tho we suck rocks, there's always hope next year

Holly said...

I would like to go to bed with Rob too. He is fantastic! Thanks for sharing the song.

Holly said...

Oh yeah, I have a little something for you on my blog.

Anonymous said...

I always loved to rude in the basket!

Chester said...

All you need is a steering wheel in that picture, and you've got a new Toyota design there!

Tami G said...

Thanks for stopping by to Life with Kaishon - I hope you enjoyed =)

Holly - thank you for the awards! I left a comment on your page - but wanted to say thank you here too! I'll add them to my page!

Chester - HILARIOUS! There is never a limit to what me and the girls might do when we are all together - the cart was just chillin in the Waffle House parking lot, she couldn't resist getting in and I can never resist a good photo op! ha ha! I'll forward it on to Toyota! LMAO!

kys said...

I lurve Rob. I hope he helped you out.

Tami G said...

Rob protected me......from the escaped convict apparently stalking my neighborhood that the cops were spotlighting the neighborhood in search of!

OK - not really.......but it sounds better ;-)