Sunday, January 1, 2006

About Me

So I've been blogging for years now.... and just realized there is nothing "About Me" on here!
So here goes........

I'm a single mother to a teenage boy.
I've dated
I've been engaged
I've been married
I've been divorced

I've had ups
I've had downs....

I'm a very free spirit and kinda just go with the flow.  Sometimes that's good and well.... sometimes that gets me in trouble!  But for the most part, I try to stay positive and fight through every day one step at a time.

I blog to vent
I blog to help
I blog to make you laugh
I blog to make you cry
But mostly - I blog to share life's ups and downs in hopes that one line I type in every blog touches just one soul somewhere in this great big world.  Knowing that I put a smile on one person's face, or gave one person the courage to get through one more day - is TRULY what keeps me going!

and keep in touch!!!!

Let me know when you agree or disagree
Let me know when I make you laugh or when I make you cry  :)
It keeps me going!