Friday, October 23, 2009

a lil' ranting today - STUPID STUPID boys!!!!

Effective immediately - I have NO...wait - very little faith in very few men
Some days I feel more optimistic than others..... today is not one of those days.
The whole dating thing just blows my mind sometimes and you are lucky enough today to get to listen to me whine (VENT) about it!  Lucky you!
One of my guy friends ALWAYS teases me about being a "man-hater" - but seriously guys - you do it to yourselves!  I don't wanna be a "man-hater"  ha ha
I just have a few questions......maybe I'm an idiot and I just don't understand......but - ok - answer me this:

1.  When a guys says "i'll call you later" OR "i'll call you back"- does that REALLY mean "heads up, I'm NOT gonna call" because that is what they do.  I can't, HATE when a guy says he will call and doesn't!  LIAR LIAR!!  That is not an oversight - it's a LIE!  Just don't SAY your gonna call if your such a moron that you think it might slip your mind!   And if you really have NO intention of calling - why even say it?!  because you WANT to reinforce what an A-hole you are??

2.  What about "i'll talk to ya later" - what is later in your book?  Because in my book later infers later on in the SAME day......but nope - apparently I'm wrong again.  Later might mean 4 days from now??  I never knew that!  Yes - technically 4 days from now is "later" - but it's just so NOT cool.  

3.  Please oh please explain to me how you tell someone you enjoy spending time with them and you would like to date - yes - actually USE the word date - and then you can go 4+ days without so much as a phone call/text/anything!  REALLY - gosh - I want to be loved like that!  That's EXACTLY what I think of when I think of the word dating........someone that I might see or hear from once a week!  YES!  Thank YOU!

* here's a hint guys.....we ARE adults here.  If you don't wanna call and you don't wanna date, try honesty on for size.  Tell us you just don't feel the chemistry.  It's ok.  We've been on dates where we don't feel it either....It. IS. ok!!!
* here's another point - we have all been at points in our life where we are just "too busy" to date or call or really show any interest or care at all about dating...  But - I'm gonna tell you a secret - when we girls DO meet someone that we feel that connection does NOT matter what is going on in life or "how busy" we are - we will MAKE THE TIME to see you.  Return the favor.  If you are truly interested, make the time.  just sayin... if we can do it - so can you.  & if you CANT make the time, you aren't as interested as you think you are.  Accept it, move on and don't say "i'll call you later"

4.  Don't even get me started on men and AFFAIRS!  It seems everywhere I turn these days - someone is talking about having an affair..... I realize an affair takes two - and I'm not just judging the guy in this situation (trust me - I have a WHOLE blog about the whole affair thing - but that's for another day)  today - I just want to specify the ONE guy that is "unhappily" married and telling ANOTHER girl that he loves her and wants to be with her!!??  Really?!!?!!!!!  YES!  "you're my soulmate... I could see being married to you someday!"  HELLO - you're ALREADY married!!!!!!  And I guess what gets me the most about this one is:  if you are really THAT unhappy in your marriage and you really LOVE this other girl - get a freaking divorce and walk away.  but NOPE......just string them both along.  yeah - that's the real MANLY thing to do! 
THAT gives me a LOT of faith in men AND marriage!  :-(  

5.  And finally - what about the guy that meets this girl that is just phenomenal.  He's crazy about her.  Maybe he tells her and maybe not - doesn't really matter - because he's just too damn scared or stubborn to do anything about it.  It's just frustrating.

My biggest question of all is - GIRLS - whyyyyyy do we put ourselves through this?
just in one of those moods today.

Song of the day....fitting.......Keith Urban's "Stupid Boy"
love him
love the song!


Stephanie Faris said...

Ahhhh single life sucks! I went through this on my blog when I was single. Some said a woman should tell a man when she didn't like him rather than just not answering when he called the next time. So I tried it. I would e-mail back or tell him, "I'm sorry, but this just isn't going to work for me." You know what happened? They'd go BALLISTIC. "You aren't all that anyway, hon," stuff like that. It was pathetic but people react strangely when you reject them. Not all people, but too many. So you learn to just quietly disappear...

Stephanie Faris said...

Oh, and you have an award on my blog today:

kys said...

I have no advice other. I can tell you what I'm sure you already know - men are idiots.

Shayna P said...

Wow. Amen on this one sista! LOL

Daffy said...

I'll grrrr with you! I never did understand the games. I'm an adult - lets just save everyone some time and be upfront. Seriously? WHY is it so hard? I don't have an answer for you and I don't think guys have a clue either. Dating sucks ass....sorry....

Candice said...

Have you ever watched that movie He's Just Not That Into You?

It's pretty funny, and I think gives us women a pretty good and accurate insight to all of the assholes out there.

Check it out if you haven't already.

Erin M. said...

Back in college we girls started an annual thing we called "MAPS Fest." MAPS = Men Are Pond Scum. We'd get a bunch of pizza and beer and go hang out together. It was so much fun! Guys are assholes, no doubt about it. And it sucks that they can't just man up and tell you how they really feel and give you a phone call. I'm sorry, hon!

Tami G said...

Thanks for all the support - you guys are FABULOUS!!!!

Oh Stephanie - how VERY true! It's ok, I'll have some days to rant about being single, but most's not soo bad. Lonely sometimes, but there are many luxuries to not having to answer to someone - ha ha!
AND THANK YOU THANK YOU For the award - I'll run right over and pick it up! THANKS :)

Kys - most are, but I'm holding on to the fact that there is ONE good man out there for me ;-)

Daffy - it's ok - there are no answers to be had and I'm ok with that. As long as a guy is honest with me, all you can do is take it one day at a time

Candice - YES I have seen the movie and LOVE the movie - it is soooooo true for girls :) Most of this particular posting is about one of my friends in particular... the boy i'm learning a selfish jerk. Sad thing is - I think he loves my friend, just doesn't know what to do with that. (recently divorced)

Erin - LOVE the MAPS idea!!! I'm totally sharing that with my girls! & yes - it does suck when a man can't "man up" - means its time to move on! not worth my time!!!

Anonymous said...

We need to work to PREVENT affairs.
Two ways, share common interests, be a whore in the bedroom, sorry but you know it's true!


Tami G said...

Secretia - I have to have a husband before I can prevent affairs! LMAO

Seriously though - I totally agree! you speak the truth!!