Friday, October 16, 2009

Who says I can't???

I am a hard headed, strong willed, independent woman!
*I'm the girl that believes I can do ANYTHING!
*I'm the girl that if you tell me no, I'll do it twice just to spite you!
*I'm the girl that convinced my friend to pack a bag and jump in the car at 11:00 on Friday night and drive to the beach (8 hours away) for the weekend.
*I'm the girl that jumped out of a plane this past summer because you're NEVER too old
*I'm the girl that loves to sit home alone and watch scary movies JUST to see if I'm tough enough
*I'm the girl that says what's on my mind and sorry if that hurts your feelings
*I'm the girl that pushes myself to the limit in everything I do
*I am my own worst critic
*I believe that love DOES conquer all
*I am EVERYTHING that you would NEVER expect me to be

I heard this John Mayer song last night for the first time and I'm in love with it.
Yes the word "stoned" is used - please don't get hung up on that.... catch the meaning of the song instead.  Listen to the words and believe in it.

Happy Friday to everyone - I hope you enjoy my pick of music for the day  =)


Erin M. said...

This is an empowering post and it says a lot about the kind of person you are. I love it! And I love the song, too---who cares about some of the words in it?

Tami G said...

THX Erin!!!
the post AND the song put me in a good mood today! :)
well - part of that might be because it's Friday too - ha ha

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...


kyslp said...

I like the message of the song.

But I think John Mayer is kind of douchey (with women especially).

Allyson said...

you jumped out of a plane. that makes you one of the coolest people i know!!!

i love this song. :)

Daffy said...

I'd love to jump out of a plane! That's so cool!

Congrats on your winning caption over at Leigh's place! Uber funny!

Tami G said...

I did jump out of a plane and it was UNBELIEVABLE - think I'll post a blog about that tomorrow :)