Thursday, October 22, 2009

Things I want Thursday.....luv & happyness =)

I'm copying Sass over at the Life of Sass - I am making a list of the things I want for "Things I want Thursday"!  :)

Today, I want:

1. One of my BFF's to walk away and close the door to a path that she does not need to be on or think about anymore.  She fell in love with someone that is not worthy of her nor is he hers to have.  I wish your broken heart to mend and I wish you love from someone that is worthy!

2.  One of my BFF's to break ties.  "If that boy don't love you by now...."   You too my friend deserve so much more than that.  =)  I wish you strength and faith in yourself, don't give someone control over your emotions.  I wish you strength to walk away and let HIM figure out what he wants in life and faith to know if he does truly love you, he will be back!

3.  One of my BFF's to fall in love with everything she has.  She has met a new boy that she is crazy about, and he might just be crazy about her too.  She is usually very reluctant to open up and let someone in.  I want for her to jump off the cliff and take a never know when that right man will show up to catch you!

4.  For LOVE and be LOVED - & to be perfectly and completely happy in that  =)    YES - I do still believe in the fairy tale love  :)  *this will be on every list I ever make of things I want*

5. to find a Halloween costume.... actually TWO - one for work and one for going out!  ha ha   *and this is a subliminal message to my friend Kat - I NEED you Saturday night......good & evil girl!  ;-)

6.  to get into the Sonography program next fall........gonna start wishing and praying for that one now, every day & every night!!

Hmmmmmm - that's all I can think of today!  I'm pretty much in love with my life right now... just mostly want everyone around me to be happy too   =)   
So today what I want the MOST is:   luv and happyness to everyone!!

Here's my song for the day - I LOVE it!  :)


Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

You are so nice to wish all your friends to get on the right paths!!

kys said...

Those are nice wishes. You have everyone covered!

Holly said...

What selfless wishes. You must be a good friend! I also loved hearing you say you were in love with your life!