Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I'm baaaaack!!!

Well.... you will all be happy to know that "Suzy Sunshine" is BAAAACK today!!!  ha ha haaaaaa
I love days when I feel like this!
Wednesday is my FAVORITE day!!!!!
In case no one has picked up on this about me yet, I am the most completely random person you will ever encounter!!

Wednesday for me is AB DAY at the gym!  My favorite!!!!  (Love David @GetTonedFitness!!)  I am DETERMINED to have VISIBLE abs by Christmas!  (my gift to myself this year!)  Yes I realize that is winter and not summer, when most are working towards that beach body.  But as much of a procrastinator as I am - I had to set a much closer goal for myself!
YAY for Ab Day !!!  :)
Wednesday is UFC and sushi day!!!  My friend "G" comes over every Wednesday night with sushi and we watch the next episode of "Ultimate Fighter"   (my most recent newfound love - ha ha)   I spent a Saturday some time ago watching a marathon of old Ultimate Fighter episodes and immediately became addicted to the sport!  LOVE IT!
YAY for sushi and UFC!!!  :)
Wednesday now also offers another of my newfound loves - CougarTown!  This show is freaking hilarious and I can NOT get over the similarities between her house and my own!  (my poor son!)  If you have not watched this yet, and you need a good laugh - check it out!  Tonight on ABC  (I have attached a sneak peek of tonight's show!)
YAY for CougarTown!!!  :)
Take this next one with a grain of salt - but my son (teenager) is on vacation this gone from my house!   I am soooo happy that he had the opportunity to go to the beach for fall break with a friend and happy that as tight as money is for us - I was able to provide the means for him to go!  But MOSTLY I'm happy for the quiet at my house!  ha ha    & Not only is it his fall break - but mine also!  So no school for me for the rest of this week OR next week!
YAY for Fall Break and vacation!!!  :)

And Bonus - the sun is out today - no more rain!!!!!!!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE fall!!!!  AND it's HUMP DAY!!!  half way through the work week people!
YAY for WEDNESDAYS!!!!!!!!

Maybe that's why we have days like I had yesterday - to appreciate so much more the days like today!!  =)
Happy Wednesday
No song today - watch the clip from CougarTown instead and have a good laugh  =)


Shayna P said...

Random is good lol.
I loved this blog. Was a great pick-me up, thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

I to love the reading the blog. I needed a pick me up

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

I am so glad you are having a great day! We love UFC. Watch it all the time here. I just love to watch them beat the crap outta each other!!

Tami G said...

oh yeah - there is nothing better than sitting around with chopsticks eating sushi while watching blood spattered all over the octagon! ha ha MY new vice! =)