Sunday, October 18, 2009

The bittersweet of the weekend

This was the "little black dress" weekend!
A couple of friends and I went to Mai (Nashville, TN) this weekend for the party AND to see Cassie and Kaci Battaglia.  After finally FINDING the place, which is an adventure all in itself - although it wasn't exactly what I was expecting - we had a BLAST!!  =)   Both Cassie and Kaci sang 3 songs on a stage right on the dance floor!  It was WAY fun - they are both gorgeous and their back up dancers were phenomenal!
Anyway - the SWEETEST part about going out with the people watching.
Let me share the characters that we met!  LOL
The stripper girl.  She was first for the night.  When we arrived, we found a stand up table close to the dance floor and this is where we parked (great view and close to the stage).  Within 5 minutes of being there we were joined by a group of 4 girls.... containing.... the stripper girl!  She was ALL over the dance floor in her little black spandex dress up to her butt and half way down her boobs.. pulling stripper moves on any man that got within 5 feet of her!  LOL      If this girl doesn't work on a pole somewhere, she definitely missed her calling!!!!!!  One of her friends looked at us at one point and said "I'm married, I don't do this" and she was out the door!  :)
AKA Hugh Heffner.  OK - it wasn't the REAL Hugh, but I'm telling you, THIS dork was pretty sure that he and Hugh are one in the same!  I wish I had gotten a picture of him in his semi-circle booth, all laid back in the middle with his entourage around him....LOL.  He was dressed in all black with a white tie and of course, all his "ladies" were in little TINY black dresses.  They did grace the dance floor once or twice, but if a guy got close to one of the girls, the girls got edgey.  Mostly Hugh stayed perched in his booth though - for all to see HE was the pimp of the posse!  And the funny thing is, when girls would come in, we could TOTALLY pick out the ones that were heading up to join Hugh's clan!  Freaking hilarious.  Here's a sneak shot at Hugh, on the right side of the picture...

Robot Girl.  Girl...I realize that pop and lock might be acceptable at the techno club, but in the middle of strippers and Hugh's entourage dancing to Drake, Jay-Z, Eminem, Lil' Wayne etc, it's just NOT cool  :(   Bless this little girls heart, she was givin it all she had all night long (good for her) but she stood out like a sore thumb.  Although - I will give her this, I'm SURE I could not shake my butt enough to throw my dress up over it...........she did!  YES I saw cheeks!  LOL  She was rockin girl....rockin!!!
(and this concludes the sweet part of the story)

Here's the bitter.
We have established that I'm 33 and single - right?!?!!!
Single as in - never married...
Well let me just tell you there is not much that sux worse than the day after going out with the girls.  I LOVE my girls, don't get me wrong!!!  I LOOOOOVE to spend time with them and it's ALWAYS a blast!  And I never ever want to NOT have that!  NEVER!!!  I love my girls and I NEED my girls - always!  The problem with it is - I'm 33 and single and the next've got a whole night of sweet little couples stuck in your head from the night before.  AND the fact that you came home alone.  (NOT that I'm trying to pick up boys in bars - don't mistake that) just that it's a perfect reminder the next day that you are still out there.  Still playing the field...still waiting for someone to sweep you off your feet... still waiting to come home to open arms waiting to hold you the rest of the night.
The next day is always sad.
So to end my sad little day of recovery - I joined back up with my friend and we watched Tyler Perry's "Why did I get married?"
it didn't help  :(

For all my married blogger friends out there - tonight - kiss your husband/wife EXTRA hard and be thankful that you have someone to hold you  =)


Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

But, at least you had fun!! And, when you got home all drunk you didn't have to put out!

Erin M. said...

Ditto to what Lee said---at least there wasn't someone whining about getting laid! And I haven't had the kind of fun you describe in a looooong time. Which is very sad.


Tami G said...

OH YES - we had a blast! Always do - no denying that.....BUT....
Grass is always greener they say....
I would take the love and companionship of my man EVERY day over occasional getting out of town and livin it up any day!
Actually - can I have both please?!!!
I wanna have nights out with the girls AND come home to loving arms.
you think that's why I've never been married? ha ha

Erin - come through Bowling Green - we will take you out and party it up SATC style!!! :)

kys said...

Sounds like a fun time to me!

Tami G said...

Ok ladies...I'm sensing a pattern here... Let me get this straight, so I DONT wanna be married?!!! LOL

Allyson said...

i am so sad that you feel like that the day after. :( you will find your prince charming..he's out there! just wait and see!

i'm glad you had a blast the night before! it's funny to see people act so stupid. LOL

Tami G said...

Dont be sad Allyson... I'm hoping I have found my prince, just waiting for him to realize that too ;-) shhhhhhh
That's y I'm sad... But trying to b patient ;-)

Daffy said...

I haven't gotten into (or out of) a little black dress in a long time.

People watching is great isn't it? Thanks for taking snap shots to share with us and way to ROCK THE BLACK DRESS!

Denise said...

Do you have any pics or even a video of Cassie performing? Or do you know anyone who has one?

Tami G said...

Denise - I have several pictures of Cassie - but no video.
I have a few pics of Kaci Battaglia and a little video.