Thursday, October 1, 2009

the bucket list

I was looking through some old pictures last night and realized that I haven't thought about, or worked on my bucket list in some today - I'm sharing a few things on my list, some complete and some still to come.  I also ask for you to share with me.  What's on your bucket list?  You might have some things that I need to add to my list!  ha ha

#1 - swim with dolphins!  COMPLETE!  These are the pictures I was reminising over last night.  In September of 2006, after breaking off an engagement and my friend getting divorced, she and I and our respective sisters (well, the closest thing I have to a sister anyway, Denise, she's kinda adopted into my family, not by blood, but with love instead!) booked a cruise to the Caribbean!  My choice of places to cruise was based on WHERE could I swim with the dolphins!  (come on, I just cancelled a wedding - I deserved to WASTE an obscene amount of money on myself!  ha ha)  This ended up being the Bahamas!  I mean really - could it have BEEN any more perfect!  My friend and I jumped into the ocean with 2 dolphins who were actually used in the filming of the movie "Flipper".  It was one of the most amazing things I have ever experienced!!  We danced with them, kissed them, and then laid flat on our stomachs with a dolphin at each foot and they pushed us through the water!  truly AMAZING!

#2 - skydive!  COMPLETE!  This was ALWAYS something I wanted to do.  However, the older I got, the bigger of a chicken I became and this had kinda taken a backburner.......UNTIL - Lesia - a friend who I go to church with and have known most ALL my life shoots me a text one night asking if I would like to go skydiving!  My response - "Sure - TEN years ago!"  LOL   She was persistent though and eventually I caved.  I truly did want to experience sign me up - right?!!  *not to mention I am NEVER one to turn away from an adventure!!*   So - within weeks of saying yes - we head off to E-town KY.  Boy was I nervous when I arrived.   Not to infer I'm a pill head or anything - but with me I took:  Dramamine, meclizine (for motion sickness), phenergan AND valium!  HEY - I wanted to be prepared!  :)    Anyway - I did take the dramamine because I do get a little wheezy on planes, but I took nothing else!  Once I got there and signed my life away.... the rest was like a dream.  We suited up and jumped on a plane that's capacity held me, my friend, our respective tandem jumpers and the pilot!  That's it!  We sat on the floor (NOT in seats) of this tin can and rose up to 10,000 feet!  yup!  NO FEAR~~   the view was amazing and the feeling - WOW - it was just overwhelming!  Even writing about it now I get this unbelievable feeling through my body!  So anyway - once you get up to height - you basically walk out on to the wing of the plane.  Your tandem guy counts to 3 and off you go!!!  Ironically - me - the "motion sick" girl - does a FLIP out of the plane!  ha ah - hilarious!   But my boy leveled us out and I got to watch my friend jump from behind us!  At 6,000 feet, the tandem taps you and you pull your own rip cord!  at that point, you slow down and you can think and breathe again!  LOL   Coming the rest of the way down, we did spiral corkscrews with the parachute!  TRULY TRULY an experience of a lifetime!!

#3 - visit NYC!  Yes Yes - I AM a Sex and the City JUNKIE - so this bucket list item has 2 parts!  First -  I wanna visit NYC with my 3 bestest friends!  our very own little sex and the city group!  I wanna go where Sex and the City was filmed, I wanna go see a play, I wanna walk through Central Park, I wanna go to some high society bar/club and see who I can see, I wanna take a cab, I wanna run into someone famous in a normal every day setting.........all with the "Sex and the City" girls at my side!!!  Second part - (Lord only knows when this part could be possible)  I wanna walk through Central Park with the love of my life!  Hand in hand, in the crisp fall NY air, just loving life!  AND I wanna go ice skating in the the winter, also hand in hand with my man!  LOL   (That's a whole lot of buckets in one bucket item!  ha ha)

#4 - I want a ridiculously expensive pair of shoes!  I'm a little bit of a clothing whore...ha ha   I LOVE a good pair of jeans.  At some point in my life - I don't know when - I came to a point where $180 is not so bad for a good pair of jeans!  (i don't know how that happened)  A guy I know once referred to himself as a $30,000 millionaire - I'm adopting that title!  =)   Anyway - my next love is shoes.  I have various styles and colors etc.  BUT I want one good self indulgent, "i paid WAY too much for these" pair of shoes.  Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo, Prada, whatever..........just one pair  =)
(donations are gladly accepted!)

#5 - (this may sound totally stupid) - Marry a good man!  Stupid or not - it is a goal and something I want in my life.........and I'll be darn if I'll settle for anything less than the great man I have waited 33 (so far) years for!!  And the reason this makes the list is because the key is GOOD man ;-)    No settling until I find the right one  =)

#6 - I want to see the Grand Canyon - Been to Vegas, but didn't have time for sight seeing!  I wanna go back!!!!

 #7 - I want to go to Hollywood  - And I want to take a picture under that darn Hollywood sign!  ;-)

#8 - I want to take a gondola ride in Venice!!!  (why are almost all of my things places I want to go?  LOL)

Ok - this is enough to get started with anyway.......
Anyone have anything else on theirs?
Has anyone done any of mine??

My song of the day...........  "DREAM BIG"
don't let anything stand in your way   =)


Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

Love what you have left. Those should be easy..well the marrying a good man...are there any out there?? Kidding! Of course there are...hiding under needles in haystacks...

Tami G said...

ha ha - I think the answer to that question is a big fat NO! ;-)