Tuesday, October 27, 2009

an HONEST kick in the butt!

Ok - has everyone seen the movie "He's just not that into you"??
It's a GREAT movie and it cracks me up because it puts a humorous spin on the fact that we as girls tend to sugar coat everything to each other and make excuses for why guys do the stupid things they do!
NO MORE in my circle of girls!
and honestly - I have always been a "tell it like it is" kind of girl.  (which is sometimes nice, but I have been known to be a bit harsh...not to my friends that know me and understand me, but if you don't - I can come across as a bit crass!)  Nooooo...... ..ME???  LOL  And my honesty sometimes drives my child insane - ha ha.  Don't ask if you don't wanna know!  But the good thing is - when one of my friends wants an honest to God opinion - they know they will get that from me!  =)
I love all my friends and to me - honesty is something you can't get just anywhere.  Honesty is a gift!  People underestimate the value of honesty so many times!  ESPECIALLY girls... we get our feelings hurt so easily!
Not me, I value that quality in my friends and last night I rediscovered just how valuable it is to have people in your life that you can trust for just that raw honesty!

Now - I loooooooove my girlfriends and we can sit and talk for HOURS about anything and everything... but sometimes - it's nice to turn to your guy friends for a male perspective  =)
Last night - I was doubly blessed  =)
I talked to a good guy friend who moved away some time ago.  Asked him a few questions to which he responded with true and genuine honesty.......whether it hurts or not - just tell it like it is!  THANK YOU for that!!
And THEN, I had a nice long chat with another guy friend whom I have not seen or talked to in years!  We talked about alot........what's happend in his life, what's going on in mine.  And thank you Lord for honesty!!!  Sure I had a little melt down (LOL) and he's probably now thinking "Thank God I haven't talked to her in years!"  ha ha   But seriously - I am so guilty of focusing on what I want from life and getting down on myself for not being where I want to be - that I forget.......we are HUMAN and EVERYONE has their own pile of crap they have to deal with!  I am soooo guilty of getting caught up in the "poor me" syndrome - and truth of the matter is:  we do that to ourselves.......FOR NO REASON!!!!!!!  So I just wanted to thank my friend last night for the reality check and putting my life and GOALS back into perspective  =)

Now - here's some irony to add to the story.......not to get too much on my religious soap box - BUT the sermon at church this week was about letting God control our lives.  So many times we get in our head what we want and when we want it and where we want to be.......and we convince ourselves that this must be "God's will."  Don't take the time to slow down and let go of the reigns and let HIM show us the ultimate goal.  We make our own and pretend it's God's.  Right?!!
I'll be the first to admit I have control issues....I have certain things I want to do and when it doesn't get done, I get mad at me!  When truth of the matter is.......it will happen in God's time.  And I have to learn to live that way!  and I do mean in EVERY aspect of my life!
Sure I will still pray for certain things......but the difference is - I will pray for God's will in each specific area.  And trust me too when I say there are lots of areas I need to let go of!  ;-)   What?!?!  I'm a busy lady and I have LOTS of irons in the fire!  ha ha
Now as IF this wasn't enough  - my friend just sent me an email that she received and "thought of me."  It is a bible verse........“Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart. Commit your way to the Lord, trust also in Him, and He will do it.”    (Ps. 37: 4-5).    HELLO - this was one of the verses from the sermon on Sunday
You think someone is trying to tell me something?!?!!!

I didn't get on to blog today to preach a sermon - but I did want to share with you the lessons I have been reminded of in the past few days....
You should value your friendships that give you complete and brutal honesty!  Thank God for those friends, they are in your life for a reason.  Sometimes there is nothing you need more than for a good friend to smack you in the face with reality - because all too often we get focused on something in particular and can't see the harsh reality right in front of us.
And in the same manner.... when we get blinded by life - and rely on the honesty of our friends, we should also take the time to let go and remember - God has a plan that is bigger than all of us! 
Here's my song of the day....What will be...will be
ENJOY!  =)


Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

I agree about being honest. People know that if they want to know the truth, ask me. They also say they always know where they stand with me. Of course, that has also gotten me in trouble many many many times.

Anonymous said...

This is a fine and funny post, thank you!

kys said...

I have a tendancy to be a control freak. But I will say that I'm an honest control freak.

Tami G said...

I'm the same way Lee - people know where they stand with me also. I hate the women I work with that kiss your BUTT and then back stab you in a minute...you never really know where you are... not true with me! I love you or I don't tolerate you ;-) tee hee

Secretia - Thanks =)


MJ said...

wow - you just said everything I wanted to say - but better. Check out my post for Wednesday to see what I mean!

Tami G said...

MJ - I definitely will!!!
can't wait! =)
Have a good night
Tami G

Charlene said...

They do say that patience is a virtue... but yeah, I tend to be a control freak as well. Working on it but ya know, YEARS of programming. :-)