Sunday, October 25, 2009

Luvin the awards

I received an award this weekend that I just picked up!
I love her blog - please run over and check out Stephanie at Steph and the City
And thanks again Steph - I am honored!

So anyway - getting back to that I have gotten through my HELLUVA weekend I'm passing on my "Best Blog Award" to these three ladies that I MUST read every day......sometimes for a laugh (most of the time actually - ha ha) but sometimes just as a reminder that my life really IS normal......ha ha

So without further adieu.......
I award the "Best Blog Award" to.........

Lee over at Headaches, Hormones and Hot Flashes
OMG girl - you keep me in stitches!!!!!  I love love love reading your blog  =)

Leigh over at Leigh vs. Laundry
Everything you write is so dead on honest and insightful.....and REAL LIFE - and I LOVE that about you!
and funny....did I mention funny?!!!  ;-)

& finally....
Sassy over at Are you Sassified?
Insightful, honest, funny, REAL.......everything I look for in a good friend!  =)

In conclusion - I'm relatively new to the blogger world and I felt an instant connection to these three ladies immediately!  I'm so glad I found you and thank you thank you thank for making most of my days better than they would have been before you blogger girls came into my life   =)

Happy Monday and I wish you all a FABULOUS week!!!!!!!!!


leigh said...

Holy crap you are so sweet. Thanks for your kind words and also for that wonderful comment you left about telling your friends about me. If we lived in the same city I'm sure that we would hang out!

I'll let you know when the award ceremony happens over at my Blog.


Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

Thank you so so much!! You are such a peach! I mean seriously, you are always so spunky and I just love your blog!

Sass said...

You just seriously made me smile!

Thank you so much!

Chester said...

Well done ladies!!!