Tuesday, October 6, 2009

*Warning* Emo blog to follow!

Ok - am I the only one that does this?!?!?
Sometimes, when I have a bad day, when nothing seems to be going right - I tend to shut everyone out; proceed to playing sappy love songs and replay all the things in my life I have screwed up?!?!  One bad morning and I'm spiraling the rest of the day?  Hello - am I really the only one that does this to myself?!!  Glutton for it in fact!!!!
Most of the time, I can snap myself out of some crappy incident and it's effect on me....I'm all "happy" and "lucky" and ya know "suzy sunshine" (i hate her today)
But then, there are days like today......when it just doesn't stop.
Don't wanna talk to anyone, don't wanna hang out with anyone, just want to retreat within myself and ponder all day on where I made a wrong turn and what needs to be fixed......

My therapy for this:  I can not WAIT to get to the gym.......me, my iPod, music and the treadmill.... and no one trying to talk to me!    *That's your warning David!*  ha ha


Anonymous said...

Yep I have those days to meny.

jaywhyjay said...

Cheers to sharing bad days...this song seems to make it better though. ;)

Chester said...

I remember years ago, I'd just been dumped by this girl on Boxing Day (of all days, she had to pick the day after Christmas!), we both worked at a cinema in those days, and all the songs seemed to be breaking up songs...


I know it's not really the same as what you're talking about but it just hit a note with me!

Thanks for listening =)

Tami G said...

Cheers to hopefully sharing better days in the future ;-)

and yes - I totally agree Chester! I have said it before and i'll say it again - it ALWAYS amazing me the power in music! It can completely intensify any mood and it always seems to speak right to YOU!

Anonymous said...

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