Thursday, October 29, 2009

Things I want Thursday...optimism!

In typical Thursday fashion - I'm copying this idea from SASS.  Feel free to leave your want list at the bottom, stop by and see the list of Sass, or add that cute little button on your blog and make a fun little list of your own!!!!!!!!!
Here's mine!!

1.  I want to not care about people.  I want people to be able to come in and out of my life without stepping on me and breaking me and making me take them into my heart & and love them like I have known them forever.
2.  I want my tears to dry up and never return.  I want to be able to watch a stupid chick flick about love and relationships and NOT cry and be sad because I'm alone.  I'm sick of crying - it's on my nerves!!
3.  I want to not be hurt.  I need to stop trusting in people that really don't care who they hurt along their path through life.  Stupid, selfish, insensitive people!
4.  I want to stop holding people up to standards that apparently the human race just doesn't measure up to anymore. 
5.  I want to have no expectations.  Because expectations lead to disappointment.
6.  I simply don't want to care anymore.

sometimes I think with these items checked off my list, my life would be so much easier.
But I wouldn't be me anymore
and THAT would make me sadder than any of the items listed above.

SO - today - the ONLY thing I want Thursday is to NEVER stop being ME and NEVER lose my eternal matter how many times I'm stepped on or my heart is broken or I'm let down or disappointed - I never ever ever want to stop being me.  (I don't want to become bitter... and sometimes, that takes a conscious effort!)  I love people and I will forever see the best in everyone.  It is YOUR choice whether you want to live up to your true potential or not  =)

Here's the song for the day.......I love this song and someone recently told me about Adele's version.  I just LOVE the raw vulnerability in her voice.  It's so real.......

Miss FRP - I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!  WE are gonna make it through this & someday........  I promise - we WILL look back on things and be glad they didn't turn out the way we "thought" they should!   mwahhhhhhhhhh 


Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

I hope you get everything on your list!!

MJ said...

I <3 Adele - mmm her voice.

Can I copy your list??? I swear I could relate to everything you listed!

Great post today dear!!


Allyson said...

I love how optimistic you are. That's so rare nowdays. You go girl!! Keep strong and keep that will find your ultimate happiness soon! :)

tori said...

I know the feeling...have been hurt too many times that I'm so guarded now and I worry I will never "feel" deeply again. Hang in there!

tori said...

p.s. your profile pic is so dang cute!! you look awesome!

Daffy said...

This totally fits with the gray rainy day here... the best part of today is the pops of bright orange and red amongst the brown and gray...those beautiful fall leaves poking through... I see pops of brilliance in your list today too...keep your chin up

Anonymous said...

I insulate myself against being hurt. It makes me sad sometimes to be tough, but i need to be.

Holly said...

I need to work on a few things on your list too. I love that you end with you want to never stop being you and lose your eternal optimism. That's great. It is a hard thing to manage to do in this crazy world. I'm with ya!

Scope said...

I am living proof that lightening can strike when you least expect it. About a year ago, I accepted that I was probably going to be alone the rest of my life. I crieds a little, and made my peace with it.

A week ago, I got engaged and am on a cloud.

It can happen.

kys said...

I hope you get it all!

Candice said...

Love me some Adele!

Keep your head up, and stay focused. You'll be able to mark that list off one by one soon enough.

Tami G said...

You guys are freaking awesome - can I just say that?!?!
THANK YOU sooooo much for all the comments - and Tori - yes I'm very guarded's scary out there!

Scope - You are so sweet. Thanks for shared hope! I'm not giving up, I do have faith =)
You and Cora are adorable - I found you all on Sass' page and skipped over to follow you both! love the pics =)
and congrats!