Saturday, September 19, 2009

Single girl life!

Short blog..
After a long conversation last night about weddings and watching sex and the city AGAIN... I have had marriage on the mind alot today..I'll go on about that subject later....
But for now... I just wanna say, it's days like this and my wonderful girlfriends that make me happy and lucky to be single sometimes :-)
Just planned a spontaneous trip to Nashville for the day with one of the true loves of my life!!! ( one of my BFF's)
I love spontaneous trips!!!!!!
And tomorrow, she and I are heading to see the Titans!!!! This will be my first NFL game!
I love the weekends!!
~t@Mi G~
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3 comments: said...

Hey Tammy :)
Enjoy the trip :)
evn I believe thts frnds gives us so much happiness tht we not not feel the need of a bf ...
enjoy :)

lifechick said...

Spontaneous trips are the best! When everything isn't too planned out, anything can happen. Enjoy the game!

Chester said...

Hello from the UK!!

You'll have to make sure you do a blog about your first NFL game, one day I'm sure I'll get obver there to see one!!