Monday, September 14, 2009

Shout out to all the servers out there!!!

A friend of mine posted a really good blog tonight that I have swiped (with his permission) to share with everyone!  If you have ever waited tables - you will TOTALLY identify with this blog.... maybe you worked YOUR way through college, maybe you are working through now OR maybe, being a server is your livelihood - but regardless - you will appreciate the sentiment written below!  (I posted a lovely picture of me back in my server days - ha ha - that's my head poking out on the right in the back!  WOW!)
If you have NEVER served - please take the time to read this, understand and respect whats going on on the other side when you go out to dinner!!!
RESPECT your servers!!
Leave comments AND go find Greg and tell him you enjoyed the blog!   Shout out to Greg Almond from WUHU 107.1 FM Bowling Green KY!!!  (you can follow Greg on twitter @GregAAlmond and check out his blog via the link below!!! )
Thanks Greg - LOVE IT!!!!

Let me start out by saying that I have never been a huge fan of Oprah.  I feel that she has way too much influence on society for her position in life.  And by that I mean she is not an elected official, a minister, etc.  I do think she has brought some attention to serious matters and she has done some good with her celebrity.  But now she goes on her show on national television to tell her audience that to save money during the recession, they should only tip servers 10% when they go out to eat. 

Let's first forget that the she nor the majority of her audience is not feeling the effects of the recession.  Because that would only further undermind the credibility of her statement.  Let's instead look at the demographic of most servers.  For starters alot of them are college students or students of college age.  Let's not give them money to help pay for their education so they can be productive members of society.  And that the job market is so saturated that most degrees will only get you a job waiting tables these days.  There are also alot of servers working two jobs because they are working their way up in your career.  I myself am one of these people.  You may or may not know that I wait tables at a local restaurant on the weekends.  It's just something I have to do.  It's no biggie.  Also, lots of servers are people that are in between jobs, or people that can't find work anymore, or single mothers who work some days just to pay a babysitter.  Take all those people out and what do you have...the upper middle class and the rich, which SURPRISE!, you are part of Oprah.  I actually calculated the difference between the standard 15% and 10% and for the average check, it's about two dollars.  Two more dollars is not going to be the difference between you making rent but if everyone gave two dollars less, it could be for your server.  Just remember that.  And remember that the extra two dollars you are saving will probably go towards your Oprah's book club membership.

I also wanted to touch on the fact that I think I remember Oprah supporting Barack Obama.  I also must mention that I am too.  That doesn't mean I agree with everything he does or is going to do...that means I'm giving the guy a chance because I agree with most of what he says and I like that fact he's creating ideas to make a difference.  But the whole platform for the Obama campaign was Change, Hope, and helping out your fellow American.  Well what Oprah is telling the upper middle class to do is completely against what Obama is trying to do.  Obama is encouraging Americans to not be afraid to spend and Oprah is telling us to save.  Kinda contradictory don't you think?  Captialism is based on spending money to make money to boost the economy...I learned that in 8th grade by the way...and the almighty Oprah is putting forth an extremely conservative stance on how to deal with the economy.  Wonder if she just sided with Obama for the face time?  I also want to make the point that servers spend money too.  And here is a secret...if they have a good shift the spending usually happens that day or the next.  Shhh, don't let that get out. 

The most confusing thing is that Oprah comes from poverty, so you think she would have a heart for people busting their ass to make something out of life.  But I guess money casuses amnesia.  I wouldn't know.  I do know that the companies that give money to Oprah to have her hock their products on air are not hurting for money.  Amd I know that it's every server's dream to chase down a table and give them their tip back when they leave you a crap tip.  And I know that Oprah better leave me MORE than 15% if I ever wait on her table.


tracey said...

OR we could just PAY our servers a decent wage! In Europe, serving is a career for many and does not have the negative aura that surrounds the job in the US, because the gratuity is included. Most service I have encountered has been competent, friendly and very professional.

Mathy, Techy, Artsy Fartsy said...

Reminds me of Waiter's Rant! Keep up the writing. Hey,Tami, thanks for the follow! In a lot of ways we sound alike!


Crunk said...

I don't know about the states but in most of Europe servers are taxed TWICE on tips taken by credit card. The greedier restaurant companies also charge their employees a "handling" fee for processing the tip. There is currently legislation going through to rectify this but at the moment it still goes on.

So, if a tip of $10 is made it is taxed once making it $7.80, that is then taxed again making it $6.08 and the company may take a processing fee of anything from 10-25% of the ORIGINAL tip ($10), this leaves the server with a tip of $3.58-$5.08! I hope people in Europe don't watch too much Oprah! Remember to tip you servers CASH!

lifechick said...

Don't know what Oprah's thinking. She has tons more money than me, but 10% is my bottom-of-the-barrel, minimum tip. Meaning, the server was unfriendly, visibly annoyed with any requests that varied a bit from the menu, incompetent, forgot to bring us utensils, disappeared once our food (probably cold) was served, possessed questionable hygiene, possibly spit in our food, and caused us to vow to never, ever return to the establishment.

This server gets 10%. My friends think I'm insane on this point, but serving's a tough job, and who knows what's gone on that day before I arrived. 10% is my giving-the-server-the-benefit-of-the-doubt-that-somewhere-deep-inside-there-is-a-human-person.

I cannot stiff someone. If I had to enlist the help of another server to pick up the slack left by ours, though, I make a point to tip *that* server generously. Just so mine knows what they missed out on!

In any event, most servers are *outstanding*, not only in doing their job proficiently, but also often making you leave with a smile on your face that you didn't have when you arrived. Appreciate your servers!

Tami G said...

Lifechick: totally cracking up! I am the SAME way!!!