Sunday, September 20, 2009

My first NFL game!

So - today I attended my first NFL game.  WOW!
I have never been much of a football fan, in fact I have always found it kinda hard to follow.  You must understand I have a son who plays baseball and basketball and has all his life.  Those 2 I can follow.  Football however I guess I just have never really had the opportunity to learn like the others.
BUT - let me just say - though I have been to a couple of college games (Western Kentucky) those games pale in comparison to what I experienced today!!!
The stadium....the people.....the atmosphere....the fact that when the Titans scored a touchdown, people you don't even know turn around and give you a high five!  I LOVE it!!!   and can't wait to go to another!

*sidenote:  I am not - I repeat NOT a "cold" weather kind of girl.... so although I had a blast today (it was way too hot and humid for football weather) I'm not real sure how much of a dedicated fan I can be when there is snow on the ground  ;-)    we'll see.......


lifechick said...

NFL games are the best! So much excitement, energy, and camaraderie (unless you're a visiting fan lol). Glad you enjoyed it!

Chester said...

Great to hear you enjoyed the NFL experience Tami!

It always looks good fun from over here on the tv, tell me though, do they still make a day of it with barbecues before the match?

ashley said...

we are tooo much alike. I am not a cold weather girl either and not a football fan either but i admit games are fun when I actually get there. and ahh i'm so jeal of your blog. i need to update more regularly and then maybe i'd have more followers!

Tami G said...

I think it was the camaraderie that was so overwhelming for me! Very overwhelming!
and yes - there is "tailgating" before and during the games..PLUS there are TONS of food places at the stadium. Where are you Chester? have you ever been to a game?

ASH - I miss you and yes - you are right - VERY alike ;-) I'm loving the blogging!