Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The athletic gray

OK all you boys out there.......I need some advice/opinions....

Since I am the mommy AND daddy at my house, I get to make all the athletic decisions myself right?!?!

So here's my dillema....

My son has played baseball literally ALL of his life. And though he is MY son, let me brag - he is VERY gifted. He was on the Little League team last year that make it to State and was one game away from the Little League World Series. He plays short stop or 2nd and can lay a bunt down like none other - right?!?!

He also plays basketball......and has for years. He is small (short) and white (haha) but talented at basketball nonetheless.

OK - rewind back to the beginning of baseball season, he's transitioning up to the beginning of the season this past February - he decides he doesn't want to play baseball anymore - and in fact - now HATES the sport. and is FURIOUS with me for making him play. (sidenote: he had already tried out and made the team before he decided this....yes - I forced him to finish out the season because I did not raise a child to be a quitter! not to mention RUIN any chances of any future high school endeavors) SO - he finishes out the season reluctantly, the entire time claiming basketball to be his sport of choice. (he wants to BE Tyler Hansbrough)

Fast forward now to the present - and now it's time for basketball. Conditioning has started and GUESS WHAT - he doesn't want to play!!!!!!!!


He goes on to tell me last night that he in fact would like to start weight training with the football team and maybe try to play some FOOTBALL with the freshman team. Apparently ALL of his friends are telling him what a GREAT running back he'll make!!!! (he is quick.......and as I mentioned before, talented at whatever he's those "Green genes" again!) ha ha

ANYWAY - so here I am.... NOT forcing him to play basketball? right? or do I? It's his freshman year at BGHS and I'm afraid that if he doesn't stick with it this year, he'll be out of the whole basketball circuit (should he decide that is his sport of choice again, which I'm very worried will happen)

So - I'm just curious as to what others think?
force the basketball issue? let him play football or at least weight train with them? don't let him do anything now and see how he feels in the spring when baseball season rolls around again.

WHY are teenagers so fickle??! Was I that way??? ;-)


Anonymous said...

Hey girl,
First off, yes you were that way... we all were. :) I have heard how your son plays baseball. And I'm sure he is good at basketball as well... he is very athletic.
My Opinion:
No, you do not let him play football. Yes, you insist he plays basketball and baseball for now. That is were his gifts lie. More than likely, when basketball season rolls around, he will want to play basketball. And when baseball season rolls around, he will want to play baseball. "The grass always looks greener on the other side." He just needs a little direction right now.
From: Guess Who : )

Tami G said...

So - the verdict is in. No on football and yes - today will be his first day of basketball conditioning! We made a deal and I hope I have relayed to him how important it is to stick with things...AND how important it is to not go into high school your freshman year QUITTING everything! Time will tell but I feel much better =)