Monday, September 28, 2009

Good Morning Monday!

Sitting at the doctor's office this morning with my son, I thought I would catch up with everyone from the weekend.  (and it IS Monday - so I need a treat to get me going......something to make me smile on Monday!)

What I thought was going to be a pretty relaxing weekend turned out to be busy as usual for me.  Friday night was ok; put in my fifth day at the gym for the week, 2 trips to the mall (thinking of new clothes always makes me smile!) & a pit stop to help my friend with some preparation for Jr Miss.  My son stayed with a friend so I had a friend over for (late) dinner and some tv.  Got to sleep just in time to get back up and spend Saturday morning working an the rain - YUCK!  I did love getting to spend some time with my friend Colette though - who is just about ready to explode with this child she is carrying.... she is SUCH a cutie preggo   =)    She also brought along her 3 year old daughter to hang with us while we were working, she is very close to the age of my niece and they are just so flippin cute at that age.   You just never know what might come out of their little mouths!   The little cutie and I took several trips down the street to the potty and each time after I sat her on the toilet, she would tell me "now - go outside the door"   SO cute!!  (insert smile - I need lots of those on Monday mornings!)  After the auction I met a couple of the girls for lunch and then back home for a nap.  Saturday night I spent watching Jr Miss.  For those of you who don't know what that is - it is kinda like a pageant only the girls are judged ALSO on grades, fitness, and they each do a private interview with the judges that is also graded.  Like other pageants, they are also judged on poise and each has to perform an individual talent too!  VERY entertaining.  But of course watching these adorable little 16ish year old high school girls, always makes me reminisce back to MY high school days and think about all the things I would have changed if I had known what I know now!  ( I know I know, it's so cliche - everyone says that.....)  So after the show, as I wasn't feeling so well, my son and I stopped to pick up a movie and headed home.  About half way through the movie I got a phone call from a friend needing a ride at around 1AM I'm out making my rounds  (which let me point out I don't mind to do AT ALL!  I would MUCH prefer the phone call come, than worry about any of my friends out trying to get themselves home after a night out on the town - if you know what I mean).  Finally make it back home and try to finish watching the movie  (WHY do I do this to myself?!?)  So that I can turn right back around and it's time to get up for church.  Even got to get up earlier to prepare food to take as we were having potluck outside after the service!  (My lovely charming child however did NOT get up with me and would now be grounded from all electronics for the week - just a sidenote!)    The plus side is that after church, I did finally get out to see my parents and family whom I felt like I haven't seen in months!  We took a nice field trip to the farm and I got to see the new baby cow, some new chickens, the most precious little kitten EVER (whom I almost took home with me after swearing I will never have another animal INSIDE my house again!)  and the weather could NOT have been any better for it!
Last night I spent cleaning house as I'm having a jewelry party for my sister in law on Thursday night - AND did some catching up on DVR!  Stayed up WAY too late before a Monday I'm D-R-A-G-G-I-N-G today!!!!!!!!
Therefore - I am posting some things to make me smile and a FUN song.... and hopefully getting this Monday morning started!
Happy Monday everyone!
....the cutest kitten ever  =)   & Cutie pies babies that joined us for the auction (that we had to take a picture of) and then the sweetest funniest video out there right now!  SMILE REAL BIG!!!!!!!


Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

I am tired just HEARING about your weekend! Mine has been taking care of Sassy Gal with the Swine flu!! Fun times. That is the cutest video!!

Secretia Teller said...

Sleep is something I have been chasing hard all my life. But we need more of it all the time.

Tami G said...

oh no! The swine flu struck again! YIKES! so far (knock on wood) we have been lucky! hope it holds out!

& I was apparently raised to not need sleep. My entire family is night owls and I can NOT seem to break the habit. I mean - it is a rareity if I am in bed before midnight! EVER! Then again - sometimes - on Friday night - I'm soooo tired, I end up crashing earlier than I do during the week!! irony!