Friday, September 25, 2009

It's Friday - be like the squirrel

Last night was my "big night" at the gym.  I have been going for about 4 months now.  I have worked really extra extra hard this week knowing that Thursday night would reveal what I have accomplished over the past 4 months.  I do weigh every time I go in and I have lost a total of about 9 pounds.  So I know I have done something - but last night was measurement night!  How many inches?  how much body fat?  it's like the report card of the gym for me.
Let me first point out - before 4 months ago - I didn't do the gym.  No time, no patience, no desire and I've never really felt like I needed to go THAT bad.  HOWEVER - boy was I wrong.  Physically I was in horrible shape and I found this out really quickly after starting.

ANYWAY - results are in:  lost 1 inch off my waist.  1 inch off arms.  Gained in the hips/butt area - thanks to the 75Million lunges - ha ha.  Calves are the same.  Lost in the chest.  And I have lost somewhere between 2-4% body fat!  All in all a good report....making progress..moving in the right direction towards "getting toned"!!!  SO - post measurements and work out for the night, in the true spirit of being my own worst enemy AND my own most critical judge, I left the gym and cried the entire way over to my girls' house!  Yes Yes - I do realize I have made progress - but I guess I just expected more from myself!  I get so freaking frustrated with myself....I am my biggest critic!
After a brief visit with the girls, I proceeded home to find my child upstairs playing video games where he had been all night; house a wreck and dog outside in the rain!!!  Needless to say - I have had better nights!

THIS MORNING however, when I got up - I realized what a freaking baby I'm being!  EVERY day we have a choice........I could choose to let this get me down and get frustrated & quit OR I could choose to be HAPPY about what I have done!  I'm in MUCH MUCH better shape today than I was 4 months ago!  Overall isn't that what we all want!

This leads me to my song of the day - a little white stripes to get you going!!!
every day..... BE LIKE THE SQUIRREL!  haha
You can do anything you put your mind to doing!!  One of my biggest attributes and maybe one of my biggest flaws at the same time is - I BELIEVE I CAN DO ANYTHING!!!  it's GREAT in that it pushes me to new things almost every day!  it's bad though because I get so dang frustrated when I can't be the best at everything right out of the gate!
It takes work and today - like the squirrel - I have a newfound determination to set and REACH goals at the gym.  David (my trainer) told me last can't just physically be ready - you have to be mentally and emotionally ready too!  Maybe this reality check (the numbers) was just the push that I needed.
No beating myself up any more about where I am......I know physically I have reached goals and I know if I just keep pushing myself - I WILL only get better!  ;-)

SHOUT OUT to David at Get Toned Fitness!!!  If anyone is in or close to Bowling Green KY and needs a good place to work out and someone to push and motivate you every time you are there - look him up!!  THX DAVID!!!!!!!


David Nuckols said...

Consistency will give u results, results will motivate you to the next goal

thanks for the link

Tami G said...

Well I can definitely say my results have motivated me to push even harder!
BTW - I have battle scars from Wednesday! LMAO!

Tami G said...

And why do I not see you in my list of followers over there Mr. David?!?! ;-)

leigh said...

Push through it Mama! You're so right...Jack White was talking to you when he moaned out the words "Take all your problems and rip 'em apart"

Thanks for stopping by my Blog. I'm so glad that you did because now I've discovered you.


There's always a million reasons not to do something said...

o! that is nothing to cry about, those are fantastic results! but it is true, I think everyone is their own BIGGEST critic. don't beat yourself up though, I'd LOVE to have results like that :) keep up the great/hard work!