Thursday, September 24, 2009

It's all in the music.......

So - a fellow blogger posted a song today that I have ABSOLUTELY fallen in love with!!!!!
When I read her blog about the song - a reference to "goosebumps" was made.  I'm NOT kidding when I say - almost immediately after starting the song, there they were, on me, real live goosebumps!!!  =)

I know that everyone has their own interpretation of music and that is why music is SOOO amazing and powerful for me.  10 different people can listen to a song - and you amazingly enough almost ALWAYS make it your own.  You personalize it - relate it to your own life......the phrase "this song is ABOUT me" comes to mind!  =)

So - I have decided to try to post a song daily......something new, something old, something fun, something weird - Whatever!  All dependent on my mood at that time!
I'll share my personal attachment to each and please feel free to share with me how the song touches you (IF it does.....and I realize that not all will!!!) 

Today's song:

This song makes me think of that BIG gigantic WALL that I have built around myself!  I know we have all had rough patches in our lives, but over the years - although every girl (admittedly or not) truly SEARCHES for love - eventually you get jaded enough that you really ARE ok by yourself!  I'm tough.... I pay my own bills, buy my own house, do what I want when I want - right?!?!   And you convince yourself that you don't NEED anyone else in your life! 

However, as my lovely friend (who shares and understands my wall) pointed out to me today when I shared the song with her she said, "Tammy, your heart is set on finding real love. I don’t care WHAT kind of a “wall” you build and try to hide behind."  And it's so true!  I am 33 years old and have the best friends a girl my age could ask for - and IRONICALLY - we are ALL single, independent, hard working girls.   We have each other so we have built walls to the outside world.... But when it comes down to it - we all know deep down .......maybe "two is better than one"

I can't wait to know what that REALLY feels like  =)
I can't wait till that wall is completely gone and I truly have my "two is better than one" man!
Let's face it - we were born to be two - so why do we fight it so hard?
Maybe because we are scared??
YES, there’s always the chance of getting hurt. But heck, once you have been through enough you know that no matter what - YOU WILL BE FINE!  God gives you trials in life in order to make it that way!  =)

And while two might just be better than one, the hard part is finding the "one" that completes your "two"
This is why some nights....  it's easier to just be one.


tracey said...

you deserve the best! he's worth waiting for;)

Tami G said...

I'm waiting........ =)

There's always a million reasons not to do something said...

ahhh thanks for the shout out Tami!! :) I'm one of your followers now...great blogging :)