Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The G.M. (aka gym)

I have never been one to be much into fitness or worrying about weight, it just always came natural I guess to be small (those good "Green genes") But as we get older, I find this to be more and more of a focus for me.
At first it was a chore and I refused to take the time - because I didn't have the time (excuse) to go to the gym. But let me be the first to tell you that once you take the time and start going, your body begins to crave that experience. Recently I have had alot going on, school started back, I played softball (which is another story for another day) - anyway - life got crazy and I have been missing my workouts!
TONIGHT - I finally got to get back (shout out to: Get Toned Fitness) and I can't even begin to tell you how much I needed it! My trainer David is great and if you have ever thought about going - I highly recommend him as a personal trainer.
ANYWAY -the point of my blog tonight is.......for years I was in the "gray" about working out... did I need it - didn't I need it - would it be worth it etc.
Let me just answer that for everyone.....
it IS worth it for sooooooo many reasons. Not just for the obvious reasons: healthy body, more in shape and toned body, longer lifespan etc. - but if you have ever had a bad day/week etc, there is NOTHING better than heading to the gym, throwing on some headphones, running on the treadmill and then lifting weights with no concept of time or the world around you. I have definitely found it to be the most therapeutic outlet and escape from reality out there!
Lord knows we all need a little break from life from time to time!

Go work out!!! :)

oh and to add a little humor to my story - you'll notice my post title is "G.M." Please allow me to explain...
My mom works at GM and when my youngest brother was in elementary school and they would meet in the "gym" - he called it the "GM" because that is all he had ever heard.
My family still calls the gym the "GM" today!
LOVE you Jeffrey :)

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David Nuckols said...

nice read, and i do agree