Tuesday, September 22, 2009

the kiss....*WARNING - "sap" to follow*

OK - here is how my warped mind works....this is how one thing leads to another and leads to another with me!!
Last week sometime, I read a blog about some place contemplating banning kissing because of the H1N1 flu - right?!?  So I leave a comment and go on and on about how GREAT kissing is and there is no way to give that up and how sometimes all I really want is a good ol' "high school" make out session.....gosh - there is just something about a kiss!  It's my favorite  :)   So much emotion, so much connection and of course you can tell so much about someone by how they kiss.....and mostly in how they kiss YOU!   (sometimes we wanna know and sometimes, we choose to ignore it - but regardless....the signs are all there....all in that one moment....the kiss!)
Last night - my 14 year old son proceeds to give ME dating advice (this was unsolicited advice let me point out!)......yes I'm the MOM and he's telling ME what I'm doing wrong!  HILARIOUS - but for some reason, this morning, all I can focus on is:  what AM I doing wrong???  or is it as simple as I just haven't met the right person yet!?
Maybe so - but now once again - I'm thinking about people I have dated and some of them I'm kicking myself over!!!!  But the good news is - the older I get the easier it is to see through the crap.... so although I have kissed some frogs - I'm REALLY good at picking out the frogs now BEFORE kissing them!  ha ha   *well ok - sometimes I just wanna kiss a frog!  ;-)*
However - getting to the point here......
Today - I'm feeling a little sappy and I have somehow stumbled upon an old Collin Raye video.......I haven't thought about this song in forever - but MAN is it a good squishy song!!!  The video is attached and yes - it is some sappy crap from a soap opera (Honestly though - can you EVER see too much of Jason from General Hospital??)  BUT - as I was watching the video and listening to the words of the song - I realized......I've wasted too many kisses on frogs!
now...thinking about giving up kissing anyway......
cause I wanna hold out for this!!
That ONE person that holds the kiss that just knocks you off your feet?!!  That one kiss where you can feel the passion and the emotion on both sides.  That one person that shows you for the first time that there IS another person on the planet that actually can't imagine life without you?!?!
I'm a realist - I know that this is not something that happens every day - but I am a bit of a romantic dangit.. and I WANT someone to kiss me like there is no tomorrow!!! 

I'm usually not much of a "squishy" kinda girl... I'm usually as hard (and a wee bit jaded) as they come.... but today - just for a little while (prompted by a string of events over the past few days)  I'm just gonna be sappy!
enjoy the video!  :)
AND if you have had that one kiss.... please do share.... so I can have somthing to look forward to!  ha ha


Anonymous said...

I wonder...do you have the ability to let a frog develop into a prince? Or at least let someone that is a maybe (not necessarily a frog) become a prince? Or are you looking for that first kiss (or impression) to be the one that sweeps you off your feet?

Tami G said...

OK - if that question had been posed to me 10 years ago - I would have UNDOUBTEDLY said it must be in the first kiss! Come on, as females - you know we ALL at some point dreamed of that one boy coming into your life and you kiss and .... fireworks!!! and then you plan your fairy tale wedding and live happily ever after - right?!/!
And although I AM a little of a romantic, I'm also very much a realist! SO - to answer that question - YES I do think it's VERY possible for a "maybe" or a "frog" to be my prince... I think that every thing in life happens according to a plan. and it makes me happy to think of someone as a friend first... (with or without kissing - ha ha) because as much as we don't WANT the romance to fade.. you will have moments that are NOT so romantic, and I want my frog to not JUST be my prince - but my best friend also!
And also - even though you may have kissed, you can still have that MOMENT where everything comes together... that one kiss that stands above all the rest. The moment where you and your frog come to the same point in life and things just fall together from that point on!

IF this isn't true - don't tell me any different cause I'm waiting for my moment! :)


i am not a kisser. i am not a pda-er. i am too freaking tired to be one! found you via mathy, techy, etc. new follower - come check me out!

Tami G said...

Awwwww........I am so sad for you!! Kissing is one of life's gifts :)
you don't have to "PDA" it - just embrace when you get the chance...

Sandra said...

I love kissing too! When I was younger, being as I am much older than you, Wah Wah, I REALLY LOVED kissing. It's still good but enjoy every last juicy bit of kissin' while you are young enough to enjoy the heck out of it. It shouldn't change but it does.