Tuesday, September 1, 2009

new leaf

So - as I stated before - I'm a 33 year old single mother. Based on whatever you want to blame it on - the whole being single thing "stigma" is for the birds. Sooo.... for the past however many years, I have focused on "finding the right man." Some of those stories I'll share with you soon, but for now - I believe I have opened a new chapter in my life.

I met one of my best friends last night for fish tacos and margaritas..... and somewhere in the midst of tequila, I decided I'm wasting my valuable "ME" time!
Now - granted - I do have a 14 year old boy at home to worry about - but WHY oh WHY am I looking for someone else to compromise with. Right now I am blessed to have the best family and the best friends in the whole world and we should be traveling and having fun and living life! NOT sitting around every night discussing boy problems and wondering why we are all still single. Simple answer is, we are single right now: TO ENJOY LIFE!

So - last night at bedtime, I played "Taps" and said goodbye to my "man search" and hello to living life and PURPOSELY not dating anyone seriously until I'm at a place in my life where a man will fit. (and it will take a VERY special man to fit....) Right now - who are we kidding - I don't have the time patience or tolerance to date anyway! LOL


Anonymous said...

It has been a long time since I have known anything personal about you. I guess since high school. I am thoroughly enjoying reading your blog. It is helping me catch up with you, and at the same time help me evaluate my current situation since I am now a single parent as well. If you keep writing....I'll keep reading.

Anonymous said...

It takes great strength to make the decision you are making. Some of us in the world can't be alone. We go from one person to the next trying to fill a void, an empty void. When you take time to know you, then everything else will fall in its place. Keep it up! Live life, your life.

Kathryn said...

Does this mean Florida is a go????????? YEEHAW!