Sunday, January 10, 2010

TA-DA.... Tami G presents.....I'm special!!

I love bloggy awards.....and mostly I love passing them along!
(and don't tell anyone - but I really love the ones that come with rules where you have to tell things about yourself that otherwise bloggies may never know... I know - I'm like 12 - and I love games!  Plus I love getting to know you all!)
drumroll please.......

from JennyMac at Let's have a Cocktail
*this award was created by Leigh over at Leigh vs Laundry

I wanna pass this award on to Daffy @ Bat Crap Crazy, TNT (ha ha - that's what I call her) @ Tattos and Teething rings & Secretia
my faithful followers who always have good comments  :)

NEXT - from Holly at 504 Main

This award is toooo sweet so I'm passing it on to the sweetest chick I know here.....
MJ @ Life Interrupted

NEXT - from Nicole over at The Young Mama Blog
(I have received this one before and done my "honest list" before.  If you care to read it - find it HERE)

From Daffy over at Batcrap Crazy

With this award comes rules...
I must tag 10 others AND tell you 10 things that I love

OOOOPS - before I could get this posted - I got this lovely award from LEE the HOT FLASH QUEEN!
and she is just that........THE queen!!!!!
go check her out!

here are 10 things I love..... (boyfriend friends and family are givens....)
1.  the smell of my boyfriend  :)
2.  the fact that my son and I can truly talk about anything... I hope he trusts me like that forever.
3.  the beach...nothing compares to the smell, the sounds, the feeling...  I LOVE it!
4.  SUSHI - I could eat it every day....  LOVE me some sushi
5.  expensive jeans that fit so good!  (yes - I know... it's ridiculous but truly my one indulgence..)
6.  I love ab day at the gym but moreso I love when my abs are soooo sore the next day that I can feel them when I stretch!
7.  love getting together with my girls and catching up on life.
8.  flowers...I LOVE flowers!  I love planting them in the spring, I love decorating with them.  I love smelling them... I love the colors and the uniqueness in each flower.  (PS - I DONT have a green thumb!)  ha
9.  church on Sunday morning and knowing that God has a plan in everything he does.
10.  music... though I may not KNOW much about it (Adam....) I love to listen .... all the time... always have music on... and I especially love LIVE music  :)

I'm supposed to tag 10 people in this post for this award - but most everyone has already RECEIVED this award!  Sooooo.... if you are one of those few who are reading this and have NOT received this award yet - consider it passed to you!  I wanna know 10 things you love  :)


MJ said...

You deserve each and every one of these!! Thank you for passing one on to me. Your kind words made me all misty eyed :o)

Secretia said...

Thanks, Tami, for the award, I appreciate it.

You are a remarkable writer and always so cheerful, you are uplifting and inspiring to me; You deserve many awards!

Thanks again, Secretia

Shell said...

Aw, congrats!

Candice said...

Congrats on the awards.

Sounds like we have quite a bit in common. By the way, now I'm craving sushi.

Thanks! ;)

Vodka Logic said...

All well deserved as are the recipients

leigh said...

Congrats on all of your well deserved awards and thanks so much for passing on the little award there that I created. It's great to see it making the rounds!


Martinis or Diaper Genies? said...

some of my faves! Congrats!!

Tattoos and Teething Rings said...

Thanks for spreading the love!

You have a great list; especially the smell (#1), I think that's the one trigger that always gets to me when Felix is gone.

Tami G said...

MJ: thanks AND ur very welcome! u deserve it too!

Secretia: thanks so much! you have NOOOO idea how much that means to me!

Candice: Thanks. too bad ur so far away and so busy cleanin and killin massive spiders! {wink} I can ALWAYS use another sushi buddy! ha ha

Vodka: Thank you :)

Leigh: thank you too! Love ur award! :)

Martinis: thx! & I agree! I love the 10 loves... sweet

TNT Rings: Ur welcome! & I could live off of that smell :)

kys said...

You ARE special! :)