Tuesday, November 3, 2009

*applause* Let the ceremony begin.......

**Welcome to my Awards Ceremony**
I don't know if there are rules on what day and when you are supposed to DO this - but I guess frankly - I don't care ;-)
I've never been a rule follower anyway  =)
one of the luxuries of being the single mom in the house: I'M ALWAYS the boss.....I guess that carries over into every aspect of my life!  (ha ha)  kinda Kidding!
Anyway.......without further adieu...
I have only been blogging since September - that's only really 2 full months of blogging - and let me just tell you how pleasantly surprised I have been by
#1 - how addicted I am to reading your blogs every day;
#2 how supportive and friendly and fun and sweet (really...I could go on forever here) all of you have been; and #3 how grateful I am to be able to share my life with you and thankful that you share yours with me!

So - over the past few weeks I have been given a few awards (tears again) that I would like to say THANK YOU again for and pass along to some of my favorite blogs too   =)

So.............let the fun part begin!

**First of all, from Holly I received the Over The Top award.  Thanks Holly!!!  bunches!  I love your blog at 504 Main and also Holly - don't think for one second that I'm not stalking your wedding blog too.  As a single (maybe forever?) girl - I love to look at the pictures and ideas and tips on your HipWeddings blog!!!  Thanks again!  mwahhh

I would like to pass this award on to:
I'm a recent follower and I love love love to read her posts!  Today's (Tuesday) is especially funny!!!  and REAL!  love it!
If you haven't stopped by or don't follow her already - go check it out!  =)
You ROCK Jenny Mac - YOU are Over the Top!!!!

**Next award is: 2009 Friendly Blogger Award
I received this one from Holly & ALSO from MJ  (MJ - I hope you are smiling today)
Thank you two so much for this award....

This one is especially special by virtue of name!  Thank you Holly & MJ.  I really feel I have gained some MUCH needed friendships via blogger and as I said before - I just never expected this much in return when I started blogging!
So I want to lovingly pass this award on to those women (and one man!) who have already touched me (noooooo, not like that!) in ways that they may never fully understand  =)

Scope @ Scope-Tech- one of my FEW male commenters (actually I'm not even sure he's a follower?  yeah - I called you out - hee hee)  Regardless, Scope - you made a comment on one of my blogs about lightening striking that made me smile!  Congrats on your recent engagement - and good luck to you and yours! 
Allyson @ Pink Flip Flops & Wine - WOW girl!  You are fabulous.... you and all your pink sweetness!  You are precious and all your comments and posts are filled with smiles  ;)   I love that!
Life Laugh Latte - you girls are FABULOUS!  Filled with joy and hope and love AND your funny on top of that!  LOVE your blog and your comments  :)
Lee @ HH&H - Girl - where do I even start with you!!!!!! Thanks for all the comments and just for your blog in general.... many days you put a smile on my face that wasn't there otherwise.   mwahhhhhhhh!
Leigh @ Leigh vs. Laundry - YOU my friend are precious!  I love your blog and all the real life YOU that you instill into it  :)   Thanks for making me feel normal - ha ha  ;-)

THANKS to all of you for being my little friendly bloggers!!  =)

**And for my last award... I received this one from Leigh.  I just raved about Leigh but I can't go on and on enough about how much I LOVE to read her!!  SHE is the epitome of "Honest Scrap"

I would like to pass this final award along to....
Candice @ Life According to Candice.
If you have not visited her blog - and you want to laugh your butt off about REAL LIFE - just stop by!  I love the topics (you really never KNOW what might be discussed there) and pictures and comments that happen over there.  Hilarious!!!!  And if you want blatant honesty - you will read it there!  ha ha

According to the rules (blah...rules...I'm playing along....), I should tell y'all 10 things about me.

1.)  I had very few "girl" friends growing up; ...always been a "guy's girl"... never got along with the girls!  Today I have very close girlfriends and I don't know what I would do without them!

2.) My mom and I did NOT get along when I was growing up.  Today - she is the first person I go to for advice!  She is the strongest person that I know..besides me!  ha   (Although I AM still a daddy's girl!!)

3.) My biggest fear is losing my boy... not physically, but more so his respect.  He is a great kid and I hope that never changes.

4.) I was REALLY mean to both my baby brothers growing up...I once put a booger on a banana and made my middle brother eat it - ouch!  I love them both so much and we are closer now than ever!  (my baby brother just got engaged!)  *proud big sister*

5.) I am probably the most loyal person you will ever meet...I always put others before myself, it's just who I am.  I get it from my mama!  Oh and I can't do ANYTHING half way; always above and beyond - ALSO thank my mama for that one!

6.) I am more bark than bite!!  People get the impression that I'm mean - but I am the MOST tenderhearted person ever!  (well - unless you betray me  ..snarl....)  Seriously...more bark!!

7.) I did graduate high school - but I did not walk the line.  Biggest regret...it broke my daddy's heart  :(   I did however walk the line at WKU last December.... my daddy's proudest day  ;)   Now if he could just find a good man to take care of me - HA HA!!!!!!!!!!

8.) I have a very hard time admitting that I'm wrong or saying I'm sorry.  Seriously... serious issues with both...

9.) I am very independent and can take care of myself; however I hope that I don't have to forever.  It's the simple things in a relationship that I most look forward to... my best friend and a partnership...someone to share a life with  =)

10.) I love music!!  It's so powerful and my favorite thing to do is drive around with the windows down listening to music!  It's what I do when I'm mad, or sad, or lonely, or happy, or just in the mood to sing!!!  :)

MAN - that was hard.
This award ceremony has worn me out!!!
Congrats to everyone and I hope you all have a Fabulous rest of the week!!!!!  (it's Wednesday - my favorite day!!!!)  YAY!


Charisse and Holly said...

Just went back and saw your comment asking me to come by. I was having a creative day, and left my partner in crime in charge of comments. Thank you...thank you for the friendly blogger award. We proudly accept...and we think you are awesome too! Congrats on your week of bling! Exciting stuff. Holly at lifelaughlatte.blogspot.com

Holly said...

Congrats on all your awards.I love reading your blog! Thanks for the shout out for Hip Weddings!

Looking forward to more!


leigh said...

Wow...that was quite a glowing accolade! Thanks so much fro the award and kind words. You just made my day. Congrats on all of your awards, you deserve them.


Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

Thank you SO much!! I love you and I love your bloggie!!

Scope said...

Thanks for the award. I will get it posted up soon. Glad as that I can serve as you "token male". :-)

And while lightening will strike when you don't expect it, don't start not expecting it with a secret expectation in your heart. Lightening will not be fooled by your reverse psychology type shenanigans.

Allyson said...

look at you and all your fabulous awards! congrats! you totally deserve them all. you are such a sweet, sweet person, inside and out. thank you so much for thinking of me! i am very honored. you totally made my day! :)

Erin M. said...

Tammy---congratulations on all your awards! Woot woot! You deserve every one of them!

Daffy said...

WHOOT WHOOT *knuckle bump*

Congrats on the awards. This deserves a celebratory drink. I'll have two just for you! LOL

Blogging is so addicting!

Tami G said...

Congrats again to you all! and THANK YOU for reading my ramblings! I love all your blogs! :)

Scope - no shenanigans here (wink wink) just sitting around... waiting... for lightening to strike! ;-) no seriously... I am. just waiting..ha ha
Ok - really - I'm good :) I put it in God's hands - what is meant to be will be..

Daffy - YES it IS addicting. I'm a lush! speaking of lush - if you don't mind just go ahead and have the entire bottle for me today. (work is KILLIN right now!) boo!

Hope everyone has a GREAT day!

Tami G

kys said...

Congrats on your awards!

MJ said...

you deserve each and every one!
Congrats girl :o)

JennyMac said...

Love your awards show! and thank you not only for the award you passed to me but your great comments about my blog. Cheers Tami!

HeartsMakeFamilies said...

Congratulations on your awards and to your winners. I'm a follower now.

HeartsMakeFamilies said...

Congratulations on your awards and to your winners. I'm a follower now.