Friday, January 29, 2010

REALITY CHECK - I don't live in your reality!!

I got a message from one of my girls the other day - whom I feel like I haven't seen in an eternity.... (wait - it HAS been an eternity..GEEEZ!  being a responsible adult is for the BIRDS!)
Anyway, in her message - she made reference to some of our must see CLASSIC chic flix and she told me how she missed her "super chic pal"
Yeah - that's me she is referring to.
The super chic
The rock
The balls to wall, emotionally hardened, shoulder to cry on, some guy deleted my girl on facebook so I delete him too, kick that guy in the balls, ALWAYS just a phone call away super chic friend.

But - here's the thing - here's my secret - here is what no one really understands knows about me.
I don't live in your reality.

You wanna know something?!!
wanna know HOW I stay so strong and focused and positive and insane???
I create my own little world. 
I create goals with NO boundaries.
I don't believe ANYTHING is impossible.
I truly believe if you put your mind to something - you can DO ANYTHING!'s all mind control.
I play things out in my head and it makes me smile.
Who says I cant?!!  ;-)

Someone quoted this to me one time yeah - he was a JERK!
"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result."  Einstein
I don't call that insanity - I call that hopeful  :)
I call that having faith.

I'm the girl that auditioned to be on the Bachelorette.  NO I'm no beauty DRAMA queen and no I don't have any acting experience or any of the crap they are probably looking for.  BUT I have ambition and a sense of adventure and well.... you just never know....  You can't tell me NO!

I'm also the girl that can flip a switch and be over a guy like that.  I can think you are the sweetest thing ever and see this big huge heart and potential in you.  But guess what - let me down, hurt me, disappointment me - and I can flip that switch.  I don't need to cry.  I don't need revenge.  I can just walk away and NEVER look back.   That goes for anyone who hurts someone I love.  I can shut you out like THAT *snap*    DONE!

I'm the girl that watches "so you think you can dance" and I KNOW that if I tried - I could do that too.  Nevermind that I have had vertigo

Yes - I too could have a brick house body like Brittney Spears (used to have) IF only I had the time....

I can do anything in my head.

SO - here's where it gets tricky.  Sometimes, I have to give myself a reality check.  Sometimes I get soooo caught up in what I CAN do.... Sometimes I get so caught up in what I want in my life and where I want to go and when and how....blah blah blah....that I forget that there is a REAL world around me!  HA
So sometimes I have to step back and remember that I DO live in reality.
those days suck.  (I much prefer to live in my my happy place!  LOL) 
*no insane comments here people...shut it!*
so now you know....if I ever say I'm having a reality check's because I have I have once again gotten so caught up in something that may or may not be real that I am now taking another "time out" to refocus on ME and where I'm going and what I'm doing - No I mean REALLY... in REAL life - not in my head! 
*HEY - I said NO insane comments!!*

But after that - I just go hang out with my super chic girls and they remind me I'm a super chic too!
bwwaaaaha ha ha haaaaaaa


Secretia said...

I say you are super cool!
Your attitude always impresses me.


Holly said...

I {heart} you r attitude and perspective on life and everything. I live in my own reality I understand!

You would have been a better Bachelorette than any of those they have had!


LOVE the new look!

Have a super chic weekend!

Shell said...

I think that's a great attitude to have!

Vodka Logic said...

I love it.. and hopeful is a great word for the quote

Candice said...

You are my long lost sistah!! Seriously.

Keep on keeping on. :)

JennyMac said...

You have a fab attitude AND I love the new blog couture. Looks great!

Tattoos and Teething Rings said...

Who's to say which is the "real" reality? The one in my imagination feels pretty real ;)

Alyssa said...

You have a great perspective- found you from sits. I am following you now too and will be back to visit soon I really like your blog glad I found it tonight!

tracey said...

well said! having a strong inner self for an escape from the often humdrum reality lends the strength to reach out for all the happiness you can wrench out of the "real" world