Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Post # 100 - Today I'm sharing a little bit of me!

Well - 100 posts later, I still can't believe I have that much to say!!!  ha ha
and I REALLY can't believe that you read my random rambling emotional mess!
But I'm SOOOOOO grateful for it and so unexpectedly blessed by the things I read from you all AND even MORESO by the comments left each and every post!
My gift from God is definitely my heart and the love and joy that fill it.  Making someone else smile is what makes me smile - and I just want to take today to thank you for letting me know when I do  :)
YOU make MY day  :)

So today - as a special treat........for me... for you.... who knows?!?!  I'm gonna share something that is a little more personal and intimate and even more emotional for me than usual (fancy that?!!)
A few weeks ago... on my post its - I mentioned a heart felt "poem" I had written the night before.
Well today - I'm going to share that.
I'm VERY protective of my writing... it's definitely how I express myself best and I rarely share it with anyone... but today (after sharing it with my bf...) - as a gift to you - I'm sharing ME.  (hey hey hey... don't be ugly - it's SPECIAL - LOL)

here's the catch....well it's not REALLY a catch... just wishful hoping I guess...

As of today - I have 77 followers.... which I'm HUGELY thankful for...
BUT - as today is my 100th post - I would like to officially have 100 followers!
how cool is that?!!
So - I'm sharing me with you...will you share me with your friends!??
send them my way  :)
I could use 100 smiles today  :)

Enjoy the poem  :)
its just one more way to say how lucky I am... how BLESSED I am ... and mostly how IN LOVE I am with not just Adam... but with every aspect of my unexpected life  :)

He was just a guy
She was just a girl
There was nothing really extraordinary about either of them

She chose a road
He chose a road
Neither knowing where it might lead

There was darkness
There were consequences
Both learned everything the hard way

Mistakes were made
Prices were paid
Each hurting a little more than the last

People passed through their lives
And people hurt them every time
Both now have the scars to show

He was hardened
She was jaded
Both gave up on being loved

She was a hopeless romantic, and wanted for so much more
He believed in the power of love, but couldn’t feel it anymore
Both walked away and carried on, parallel and didn’t even know

Years later those paths crossed
There was a spark, a little glimmer
She saw in him what she feared was real only for others
He felt in her a love and support he had never felt before.

Over time she had faith again
And he could once again feel the power

Life had taken them down long and winding paths
That hurt and made them bitter.
God had brought those paths together
And showed them…. Love could exist in another

The lessons learned, the paths they chose
In the end only makes them stronger
Parallel paths through life they took..
Ending hand in hand on one road together.


Traci said...

Truly beautiful

Erin said...

love this. thank you so much for sharing your talent with us!

and thank you for your thoughtful comments on my blog means more than you could ever know....

MJ said...

This just confirms how BEAUTIFUL you are, inside and out. You have an amazing talent girl.
I will do my best to help get the word out about you, because they don't know what they are missing!

Shell said...


Cora said...

Awwww, that's lovely!!

And, heeeeyyyy, looky there, you're now up to 78 followers! :-)

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

That was fantastic! Happy 100!!

Vodka Logic said...

Very lovely, you should share more of your poems.

I would add to your followers but I already am one :)

T. said...

Love the pic you chose to go with the poem! Happy 100th, following to help you reach your goal :)
Fellow SITSta,

Daffy said...

I have a goosebumps! I can very much hear this performed...his voice...your voice...blending at times...alone...rising, falling, strong and defeated...hopeful and willing

Congrats on your 100th! Beautiful of you to share this with us

Secretia said...

Your poem is very nice, thanks for writing it!