Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sendin out some blog love - I gotta makeover

If you visit me often, you might notice something a little different!!!
I got my blog DID!!!!
I wanna say a big ol phat THANK YOU to LiLu!!!!!!!
She did a GREAT job (....waiting for applause here people.....{{clapping}}...)
ok - LiLu take a bow.
My space looks GREAT
AND - you see that little button there in that top right corner.
that's for me!
my very own little button!
For all my lovely followers out there - pick up my button - put it on your page and send me some more peeps!
while your at it - if you don't follow her already....
pick up the button below mine AND go visit LiLu at Livit, Luvit

She is one crazy hysterically funny blogger chic!
(and she's HOT and sweet to boot!)  :)
But seriously........she's got the awards to prove it.
no no.... not just fellow blogger awards (she has those too)  but I'm talking REAL LIVE awards.  Like people voted for her and stuff!
She is the coolest chic I know
and my new BFF!!!!  ha ha
{Insert  sound effect from slasher film here...}

Well anyway - enough of the gushing - go get my button, put it on your page & then go visit LiLu too!

Tami G


Shell said...

Looks great! I'll be back to grab your button.

Cora said...


Anonymous said...

It looks good!

Scope said...

Extreme Makeover - Blog Edition.

Did Ty Pennington sneak over?

Tami G said...

Thanks ya'll!!! :)

and Scope - if Ty HAD stopped by - he would be making over more than just my BLOG page!!!!!!!!!!!!
ha ha hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

LiLu said...

Awwww, thank you so much hon!!!! It DOES look great, if I do say so myself!!! :-)


Tracie said...

It looks great!!

Erin said...


LiLu did a fabulous job---I love it!

leigh said...

Oh...the Blog is looking classy. You clean up real nice!