Friday, January 22, 2010

Words from the heart of the broken...he wears my scars

I promised this on Tuesday in my post its.  Sorry I'm just now getting it out.
My good friend Hailey read the poem that I shared with everyone last week.  She told me of something that she had written long ago and asked if she could share it with me.
I absolutely fell in love with the words.
So I asked if I could share it with you all..
You will be amazed at the power in the words...

Depending on your perspective,
If you have ever been hurt, let down, or had your heart broken,
if you have met that person who saved you because they just knew exactly what to do and who to be....
either way you look at it, the words are wrenched with pain, yet yield a little glimmer of love and hope.
We have all been hurt, broken and scarred, but only a few ever get to see the real person left behind.
Our scars make us beautiful.

I hope you enjoy!
Have a great FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!
Tami G

He wears her scars

She goes unnoticed
her footsteps leave no prints
she could fade into the shadows
and there would be no questions
But he would ask

She lives broken
her wounds go unhealed
and her pain is hidden
But he sees

She appears cheerful
her smile is constant
and the tears behind her eyes never fall
But he knows

She is lonely but never alone
her words leave no meaning
she is scared of being remembered
and terrified of being forgotten
But he remembers..
every look, laugh and tear
and he wears her scars because she can't


MJ said...

OMG that definetely tugs at the ol heart strings. To feel such pain and loneliness ...

Anonymous said...

Tami, like you said, she wrote powerful lines there.

Tami G said...

I love it.....
I love the tinge of hope in the pain...

tracey said...

brings back the years after my parents died and I had just started living with my husband...

lots of hurt and shy of the world, he was always there to see me through...and now I hardly remember and yet I know it is there like a tiny rock in my heart