Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wanna walk a mile in MY shoes?!

put a fork in me - I'm done!!!!

Training day #1 is done.....Training day #2 is done...
These are the days I start back at square one in a new job.... but not JUST a "new" job - an ADDITIONAL job!
It sux being the "new guy"
However - I will say - everyone has been NOTHING BUT NICE and that helps tremendously!
Because throughout the experience, I have been quickly reminded that - WOW - I'm old!!!  LOL

I have spent my fair amount time in the food industry.  Paid my dues, did my time and moved into my "normal" 9-5 day job leaving my nights open for having a life!  HA   yeah right!
I forgot what HARD work it is!!!!
not just physically (cause it is that too!) but also mentally and sometimes even emotionally!


I've got bills to pay off and things to SAVE FOR!!!!!!!
sacrifice now - celebrate later!!!!!!!
Besides.....I am ONE TOUGH COOKIE!

my mom life made me this way!

All those hard days when I thought "God.....WHAT are you doing to me?"  They were all to prepare me for where I am today!  I know that!
So.....bring on day #3 and day #4 of training.
Bring on 9 hours during the day at one place, which leads straight to a night filled with salmon and chicken and scallops and lots and lots of wine!
I can do this!
who really needs a social life anyway - better to make money and NOT have the time to spend it! 
HOW ELSE am I gonna get these bills paid off?

....crossin things off my list - one by one!  :)

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Meeko Fabulous said...

I'm seriously considering finding a second way to supplement my current income.