Tuesday, May 4, 2010

fairy tales do NOT inspire me - YOU inspire me to write my OWN fairy tale!

People come into our lives...
and people run out....
You never know how long someone will stay, so treasure every moment you get to spend with your special friends, with your family, with ALL the ones that mean so much.  You never know when time will move on and their presence in your life will be done.
You just have no control over the big picture.
But remember this......everyone you surround yourself with should inspire you!
Surround yourself with people that make YOU better... or make you STRIVE to BE better!
Fill your life with joy and happiness and people that make you want to smile all the time!
and most of all - PUSH YOURSELF to inspire someone else!

I haven't talked about T much on my blog lately - so I figure a good GAG session is due here.  I know all my squishy gushy lovey dovey friends will appreciate this.

I dated a guy some time ago who tried to convince me that the reason girls are so unhappy today is that we are all looking for a fairy tale.... that doesn't exist.  That we all have some false expectation that we expect men to live up to... like in the movies..  you know the ones I speak of - those tear jerking romantic comedies.   In fact, at one time, I had this blog in progress about the whole Disney persona and how it's SUCH crap.
Guess what.....

I don't care WHO you are, WHAT you've done, or WHERE you have been
you DO deserve a fairy tale, and I promise you, if you will just stop trying to MAKE your own fairy tale and let life happen, you will not be able to fathom how your very own fairy tale will play out.

I HAVE met my prince. 
NO - it's not all sunshine and rainbows 24/7.  We've had our moments.  But the beauty in a real life fairy tale is not that he saved me from a dragon or kissed me and woke me from a deep sleep.  WELL - not those things physically....  BUT in a manner of speaking - he DID.  He saved me from myself.  He showed me that we are ALL special and ALL deserve to be treated just like someone right out of a fairy tale.  OUR OWN fairy tale.  Every one is different and every story will be different - but fairy tales are REAL. 
It's all in how you look at it.
What I have with T is not what I thought my fairy tale would be.
I just had to stop looking for what I thought was my story - and just let go - and let someone love me.
So many times as single girls, especially when we've been single for a long time, we shut people out.  We block.  And then we sit back and wonder "where our prince could be"
Let go.
Let somebody love you.
Stop judging everyone and take people for what and who they are, NOT how they measure up to some false standard you have built up for yourselves.
Let somebody love you....  and make sure they inspire you!
You never know when that someone might be the prince that you never expected.

I still today find myself tempted to try to write my own story instead of just enjoying each day.  Over this past weekend, T and I had some pretty serious talks.  And we had some very special moments.  Moments and words that I will NEVER forget... There are some really big things that are about to happen in our lives...... and I realized at the end of the day, I had fallen in love with him ALL OVER AGAIN.  Ya know - that take your breath away, heart racing out of your chest IN LOVE feeling all over again....  (how did I get so lucky?)
He inspires me.  He makes me want to be BETTER.  He pushes me.  He believes in me.....even on days when I don't believe in myself.
And I can honestly say - I have never wished for more happiness and joy and love for anyone ever in my entire life.
Some days that feeling is just overwhelming.

"When silence fills your world, I'll be the one that knows what you're thinking; And when passion burns like fire, I'll be the one bathing in the light; When the curse of darkness falls, I'll be the one who offers a candle; I'll even be the cushion for things that go crazy in the night" ~enjoy the song below~

I love you T  :)
and thank God for you EVERY DAY!

I wish for you ALL love, joy, hope & peace... but most of all - I wish for you ALL inspiration in your life!!
I am so thankful for all I have been blessed with and if there is anything God can give me to pass on to you - I am here... ready and willing  :)


Meeko Fabulous said...

That guy was clearly so bitter! Fairy tales do exist. It just means something different to everyone. :)

Hattie said...

I so believe in fairy tales. I'm living mine! I love what you wrote about surrounding yourself w/ people who inspire you. I so believe in this. I can't stand being around negative people ( I know sometimes it's hard when they're related to you, ha).

ps. Thanks so much for your comment. It made me laugh and I was so tempted to flip her the bird when she said it (I really wanted to punch her)!

Ink Spiller said...

Oh dear, Tami you made me tear up! For me this post was the message I so sorely needed today.

Bless you!

rxBambi said...

I found my prince 8 years ago when he drove up in his big white suv. We've since pared down to compact cars, but I like the fact that it was white ;)

iheartbowheads.blogspot.com said...

oh I love it! You are so right and I am glad that you are doing well!