Thursday, February 18, 2010

What will you leave behind?

Today's blog may sound a little morbid.  I don't mean it to be.
I mean for it to be a moment in time when you can think about all the good in your life and even all the mistakes you have made in your life.  I mean it to be a moment in time when you think..... when I'm gone from this world - what will I leave behind?  What will people say about me?  What will they remember about me?  What will my children say?  what will my friends say?
WHAT will they say at my funeral?

What will you leave behind?

I think our biggest legacy is what we leave behind when we are gone.  Granted - you make a difference EVERY day by what you do and what you say and how you act.... BUT when you are gone - how do you want to be remembered?
This should be some sort of motivation every day in how you live your life....
Are you bitter?
Are you hateful?
or are you happy?  and full of life and joy?
Are you the person that people hide from when they see you coming, or do people flock to you because they know you spread joy?

I don't know why - but I do think about this from time to time  (maybe not at all the times I SHOULD think about it! )  but today - it weighs heavy on me.
Not in a bad way - but in a way that makes me want to be a better person.

A better mom.

A better friend.

A better daughter.

A better sister.

A better girlfriend.


A better example.

Here's a little more food for thought....
I have picked out the songs I want played at my funeral.....
WHAT?!! - don't judge me - I like to plan ahead. 
And I'll be up in heaven watchin - so somebody better make this happen!!  ha ha

Lead me Home by Jamey Johnson
Now Comes the Night by Rob Thomas

How will YOU remember ME?

how do you want ME to remember YOU!????

Do you have songs picked out - or am I the ONLY crazy person out here??!




singedwingangel said...

no you are not the only crazy person out there... I think about this a lot except I don't have any songs that I can think of lol

Marie said...

I don't think your silly for picking your songs out! THere were people at my mom's funeral that didn't know know her like some but after the funeral they came to me and said that they felt that her funeral was very "HER" It was like they knew her better. I believe that her funeral helped everyone see what she was to everyone!

Bethany said...

No, you're not crazy! I told my husband that I want my headstone to say "God is great, beer is good and people are crazy." He thinks I've lost it. :)

Hair Bows & Guitar Picks said...

I love Bethanys headstone choice :)

I don;t think you are crazy at all....but i have never given any of this much thought. Maybe I will now!

Kellyansapansa said...

I can't believe I haven't planned my funeral yet - I need to get right onto this. Thanks for the reminder!

Tami G said...

Kellyansapansa - YOU need to plan your wedding FIRST!!!!!! ha ha haaaaaaa muahhhhhh!

Anonymous said...

No I don't think you are crazy at all. The song I want played at my funeral is "Sissy's Song" by Alan Jackson.

I think about what people will say about me after I am gone all the time.


Brittney said...

thanks for posting this, it made me think about a few things i need to work on!! & i just noticed my button is on ur blog (thank you you rock!) I however, dont think about my funeral.. id rather someone just throw me a kick ass party as a memorial! haha!!!

Yankee Girl said...

It is definitely important to think of they way others see you. I try not to focus on what others think, but I do want to be a good person.

I want my headstone to say "she made us laugh every day."

Tracie said...

I'm sure you aren't the only one. I don't want a funeral so that is one less thing for me to worry about.

Crystal Escobar said...

Haha, you are so funny, but also VERY inspirational. I REALLY REALLY liked this post, seriously, I think about this a lot too. I hope to leave a legacy behind, and be remembered as someone who inspired others in some way. I hope I'll be missed :) and my children will remember the GOOD in me. Why am I getting emotional when writing this, ha, well, I just LOVE the song you picked, I'm listening to it as I write this. Great one!
I'm just lovin your blog. So glad I found you.

Candice said...

The song I want played at my funeral?


Ice Ice Baby?

Seems appropriate.

Holly said...

Another blog is doing a thing on Saturday where each Saturday she posts a topic and you are supposed to write a letter (to your kid/kids) that is not supposed to be opened until you die. I usually try not to think about these things...there was so much death in my family when I was younger...but I think I may do this (you don't post it on the blog...but keep it private). My aunt had every detail of her death and funeral planned.

Jenny said...

I don't think your morbid. There is another amazing song called "If Heaven" Don't know if you know it...but it is lovely.

Everything you do takes burden away from your family.

And even though this was a surprising post to me I am a new follower on your blog.

You look like you will always be interesting!

LMJ said...

I think about this all the time. I thought I was the only one, though. Good to know there are other "weirdos" out there.

I have my songs picked, and I even left instructions on what needs to be done. Hubby hates it when I mention this.

I also have a letter written where I say goodbye to everyone (this one freaked Hubby completely, and he called me crazy weirdo).

Ok, so this is too weird, but yeah. I want to make an impact on other people everyday, even if they think I'm weird; but that's how I want to go.