Monday, February 22, 2010

Motivational Monday :)

I am prepping for a big week and lots of change....

alot of new chapters, pages turning, things beginning,  goals being reached for, chances taken and leaps of faith....

Here's whats on my plate; lucky you, you get to come along on this journey with me!  (and you're even LUCKIER that I'm gonna tell you all about it as we go!)

First of all......Preacher T is on fire at church.  There is nothing better than seeing a man (THAT I LOVE WITH EVERYTHING IN ME), on fire for God and seeing things growing and changing and all coming together according to God's will.  Can't put that into words.  Sooooooo excited about what's happening at church AND with Adam...  it's overwhelming to watch and stand with him...  and the best part is - EVERYONE is welcome to come along  =)

Also, this Wednesday begins our women's bible study group.  We just started doing Wednesday night bible study a few short weeks ago... and already we are breaking into men's and women's.  And GUESS who is teaching the women?!?!!!  yeah.... yours truly.  AHHHhhhhhhh....  ( Have I ever mentioned that public speaking is a HUGE fear of mine.??? )  anyway... I really am sooo excited about the class and about what could possibly come from this group.  But I AM asking for you all to keep me in your thoughts and prayers... prepared, willing and in constant prayer about it, but a NERVOUS wreck!
EXCITED and HOPEFUL nonetheless!

AND - for all of you Bowling Green readers, if you don't have plans on Wednesday nights - I would love to get as many women involved as possible.  We are doing a Beth Moore study and I really have high expectations for what God's gonna do with us  :)    Please contact me if you would like to join!  (we EAT before class too!!  We feed ur belly and your soul!)

Also today - I'm getting back on the health wagon.  Starting back on the pills, the strict diet, the gym and just working MORE on my overall health.  I know I have said this before.....and I HAVE done some hit and miss gym time, BUT due to other circumstances in life, my night time obligations just lessoned by a truck load! So in lieu of other obligations, I'm putting the gym back to the top of my priority list.  THIS year will be the year my muffins DON'T hang over the bikini!!!  ha ah ahaaaaaaaa

As for me.......and my house.......well - whoever said raising a teenager was easy?!!!!  My child, the athlete, has decided this year that he's done.  This child who was ONE GAME away from playing in the Little League World Series a few years ago, has now decided he's done.  I have my speculations on why.....BUT - I am giving this all to God.  I'm not pushing anymore.  I washed my hands of it.  I have made myself sad and depressed and angry and disappointed for WAY too long.  The boy has to grow up and I'm gonna have to let him.  And I'm just gonna trust that I have raised him with morals and values that will eventually weigh in and help him make the right decisions  =)
*you also might wanna keep me in your thoughts and prayers on this subject too... I worry alot about him....but I'm trusting that God will bring us all through on whatever path he chooses

So... here's to wishing you ALL a GREAT Monday to start your week of great change and things to come!!!


Stacey said...

Unfortunately, we do have to let them grow up! :( One day, they will realize that we do know everything.
Everything else sounds exciting, and I wish you luck. I have a fear of public speaking too.

MelShy169 said...

Beth Moore is an awesome study!! Good luck!! You'll do awesome...:) Hard to let him go, but you've instilled morales and value in him now you just have to sit back and watch him fly!!

Shell said...

So glad to hear things are still going well in your relationship. Prayering for you for the Bible Study.

Life Laugh Latte said... proud of you. I've done quite a bit of speaking...and it is daunting to hope your mouth will be filled with his words and touch hearts. I'll be praying...and He will be faithful. He always is. Happy to be on your journey...and loved this post. Holly

Hair Bows & Guitar Picks said...

I love the Beth Moore studies!

Cool song choice!

Brassy Apple said...

ahhh who doesn't appreciate alittle motivation on monday!? :)

Sounds like life is humming along for you!!

stopping by via SITS! :)

Daffy said...

It's awesome to see you so fired up about things! I'm really excited for you and wish that I lived closer. I would love to join your women's Bible study!

Best wishes and keep us posted!

Anonymous said...

It's probably his interest in girls, which of course is fine, but keep your eyes open...
A parents can't be too careful, it's a complicated world out there, Tami.


Erin said...

I'm so excited for you!

I've been back on the exercise bandwagon lately, too. In fact, heading to Jazzercise in a little while. I always hate going, but then once I get into it and after I'm done, it's so nice!!


Matty said...

I admire your faith and direction in life. One game away from the LL world series? Wow. But as a normal teen, he's got his own ideas about where he's heading. You can point him, but you can't take the steps for him. Love, guidance and prayer work wonders. Your job is to keep him between the lines, but he's the one who has to do the driving.

Miss Fanny said...

I love Beth Moore! Our neighborhood started a women's Bible Study group one and a half years ago and are on our fourth round fav has been Beth Moore series on Esther and Joyce Meier's Battlefield of the Minds. Good luck with your group!

singedwingangel said...

Ahh letting go and letting God sounds so simple but is so hard isn't it. I wish I lived closer cause I would so be in the bible study with you..
Somewhere the bible tells us that if we train our children in the way they should go they will not soon depart from it.. doesn't say they won't ever stray just they won't stay long gone..
Steve Harvey said his mom told him one time that she knew he was gonna stray far away from all she had taught him, but she had him covered in prayer and no matter how far he went God was there too..

Nocona said...

That got me excited just reading. My friend is going through the same thing with her daughter who is walking away from Gymnastics after it has been their lives for so many years. Praying. That is hard.

Betty said...

I love this post!.So encouraging!
I like the big changes .
And Bible study is just great!
Betty xx

Tracie said...

I'm glad you are still all in love! My kid has been dropping out of everything recently. Must be a 'Zach' thing.....,

Crystal Escobar said...

Good for you, it all sounds so exciting!
I don't have teenagers yet, but I'm seriously dreading it :)