Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Drivin in a Winter Wonderland

Ok - welcome to my hometown.
Bowling Green KY
We are an average sized town located approximately halfway between Louisville KY & Nashville TN.
We don't get snow often....
and when we do - it's usually a dustin....
and people.....
when it DUSTS here.....the grocery stores blow up, the schools shut down, EVERYBODY freaks out!
KEYWORD HERE.........DUSTING of snow!
people FREAK!!!!!!!!!!

OK - here's where it gets tricky right.....

follow along.....

Last night - we get this random unexpected by me snow....
I lay in bed listening to people STUCK on my road....
it's STRAIGHT people.....not rocket science here.

But I wake up in the morning and the roads are vitually clear.   School is in session.  (this is likely due to the fact that they called off schools last week the NIGHT BEFORE a BIG snow was coming... we woke up to NOTHING!), the roads were pretty clear BUT before I could get out the door with the boy......there were snowflakes the size of baseballs people!  (ok not QUITE baseballs...but when your used to dust, that's what they look like!)
So I take the boy to in session school for the day.
Now granted - the day was good.  they should have been in school.  the roads were NOT bad!!  It was mostly just slush!


here's the fun part......

after school; after work; the day has ended and I ran into the grocery.
By the time I came out - I'm pretty sure that Santa himself was confused and almost loaded up the sleigh to come back to this winter wonderland!!!

Don't get me wrong - it's absolutely BEAUTIFUL!
and we never get that kind of snow here.
Snow brings with it this eerie calm peace to the world.  It makes everything clean  :-)

But - remember I said we usually get a dusting and people FREAK OUT here...
Well today - we get the freaking winter wonderland of the century and apparently EVERYONE and their momma decided to get out and try to drive.  (these are the idiots that WONT leave the house when it "dusts")
I was on twitter tonight - following a local "news photographer" who was following the night via a police scanner.
I couldn't help but copy and paste them from twitter into this bloggie blog!

I HAD TO SHARE!!!!!!!!

freaking HYSTERICAL!

Hope you enjoy!

Welcome to Bowling Green KY!!!!! 
*stay OFF the streets!*

**Cars stuck all over campus. Accidents at more than a dozen locations. Police advising officers to take I65.
**Abandoned cars all over BG. Police trying to decide whether to tow or leave them.
**Phrase heard most on the police scanner tonight, "Vehicle off roadway, in a ditch"

**Request for extra patrol in Greenwood Mall parking lot due to drivers doing doughnuts and sliding around lot.   (shhhhhhhh......they didn't catch me - wink wink!!)
WKU police pushing multiple vehicles out of roadway on University Blvd.
Woman calls police to complain that her husband is at home and she is not.  (WTH?!  seriously!?!!)
Deputies giving each other advice on how to drive in snow and get out of a ditch. Dispatcher also giving advice.
Deputies having to argue with drivers at Cemetery Road block not to try and seek past.  (Yeah, cause suddenly EVERYONE knows how to drive in the snow!!)

*this one is not from tonight - its from the last snow - but I had to share it!  LOL  (it's my personal favorite!)
Person breaks both legs sledding down Hospital Hill in a kayak. BGFD called to get him out of the kayak.


singedwingangel said...

Ahh only in Kentucky my dear only in Ky..

Kellyansapansa said...

Hehe - that is funny!

We don't get snow at all where I live, so I love hearing about it :o)

Anonymous said...

Police scanners are addictive to listen to!


Miss Fanny said...

Please send some snow our way. We never get any! I promise I won't drive in it.

Daffy said...

Sledding in a kayak...that's a new one. I've seen trash can lids, suran wrap, cardboard, washing machine lids....but a kayak....good stuff!

Hair Bows & Guitar Picks said...

hahha oh my really?

Life Laugh Latte said... the new profile picture. Gosh you are a beauty! snow. Never get it of course in Northern California. Start screaming for the kids if we see hail...maybe once a year for 60 seconds. So, I understand the hysteria. Kayak story-priceless.

MJ said...

Do they need to head up north to learn the proper way to survive snow?? I would hate to see them up here in NWOH

The sledder had me giggling - sounds like something we would have tried in college!

xo MJ

Tattoos and Teething Rings said...

How did my dumbass husband get all the way to Kentucky with a kayak? ;)