Friday, February 12, 2010

The Skew: A Round Table Discussion on RoMaNcE!!!

 Today - I'm joining the skew with Supah, Princess, JennFabb, MIITB & Chief.  In light of Valentines Day being just around the corner - the topic today is Romance!

Stay tuned for my opinions and link up and share yours!!! 
I LOOOOOVED reading everyone's personal ideas on what romance is!  :)

What do YOU THINK? WHAT'S YOUR DEFINITON OF ROMANCE?   Join our Round TAble!  What's your  Skew?   Grab the button, Write a post.. we don't care what you write.. and then come back and link up.   Go visit some other Skew Guest while you're at it. goes........
 my take on romace....
coming straight from the 
balls to the wall, 
refuse to let anyone in my walls, 
super chic! 

YEAH RIGHT!!!!!!!!
what happened to that girl anyway?!!!!!!
ha ha
♥  she fell in love!!!!!!!!!!!   ♥ 
For me - I never believed in that squishy gishy huggy lovey dovey sentimental crap!  PDA = VOMIT.  I didn't need someone hanging on me and having to touch me all the time.... I'm a hard core independent woman.  Act like a man...don't embarass me! I have a spine and I expect you to have one too!

♥  she fell in love!!!!!!!!!!!   ♥ 
and everything changed..........for me.....romance is sooooooo many things on soooooooo many different ends of the spectrum.  From the little things we take for granted - all the way to the grand gestures that girls start dreaming of at like age 5!

SOOOOOO - my dearest Preacher T
Happy Valentines Day (early)
Thank you for bringing romance into my life....
Thank you for showing me what TRUE LOVE really feels like  :-)

♥ Romance is knowing that God hand picked and molded you just for me
♥ Romance is being with a man that makes me strive to always be better
♥ Romance is knowing that YOUR will is ALWAYS God's will
♥ Romance is being with a man that truly inspires me
♥ Romance is not being able to be in the same room without touching you
♥ Romance is in the simple act of you holding my hand
♥ Romance is in sometimes just letting me cry
♥ Romance is always opening the car door
♥ Romance is the way you put your hand on the small of my back when we enter a room
♥ Romance is telling me that you love me.... because so many people take those 3 little words for granted
♥ Romance is knowing YOU are my BEST friend
♥ Romance is knowing that you know me so well that you can tell immediately if something is wrong and your not afraid to ask
♥ Romance is communication
♥ Romance is sometimes in saying nothing at all
♥ Romance is feeling in 3 months like I have known you my entire life
♥ Romance is UNCONDITIONAL love!!!
♥ Romance is simply looking into your eyes and seeing myself 

 I love you Adam - and thank God every day for bringing you into my life!
*he's gonna KILL me later for this.....ha ha* 

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Secretia said...

This is the Romance Channel!
I'll stay tuned...


Brittney said...

so sweet!!!

Daffy said...

Save the list and pull it out in 5 can both remember what it was like in the beginning and marvel at how its gotten so much better when you didn't think it could!

Candice said...

Yeah baby! Yeah!

Happy Valentines Day. ;)

Kellyansapansa said...

Aww, that's beautiful!

Holly said...

It is so happy for you!