Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Post It Note Tuesday!! the BACHELOR edition!!

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Secretia said...

Dear bachelor that I live with, would you please remove all those clothes from under your side of the bed, so your willing slave can wash them? I hate the dusty socks the most!


Miss Fanny said...

I am a Bachelor addict too. It's kind of like driving by a car crash...you know it's terrible, you know people are getting hurt, you know you shouldn't look...but you just can't help yourself. The whole Ally thing last night was just down right humiliating!

Crystal Escobar said...

haha, that is soooo funny. Loved it! And I loved that you tried out for the show before, lol, I secretly wish I could have been on the show when I was single, haha. I pretend to agree with my husband as he makes fun of the girls, saying how pathetic they are for going on the show, but really I'm, thinking, MAN that would have been fun.
Totally agree about Ally, so stupid that she's doing exactly what Ed did.
Well, I think you and I have ALOT in common :) I'm your newest follower.

singedwingangel said...

OK see i don't even watch the show. glad your hubby is home though woohoo..

purejoy said...

ohhhhh i am so a bachelor HATER but i watch. y'know, like a train wreck. you know you shouldn't but you just. can't. help. yourself.

do you read reality steve?? he is so hilarious. it's the only reason i WATCH the show is because his commentary is so. frikkin. hilarious.

stopping by from supah. your posts made me lol. seriously.

he picks the sausage. wtf names their kid VIENNA?? i mean, really!

Adoption of Jane said...

I don't watch Bachelor but.. Baby Talk with a Fran Drescher Twang... Lawd Have Mercy... I couldn't take that for a second!

Just Another Mom of 2 said...

LOL, I am so with you. And Ally, have a little self-respect. Vienna annoys me. To no end. She will be bored with him in about ten minutes. And enough with the ex-husband!

I cannot wait for the cameraman-doing one either. How on earth do you defend that??

Visiting & following from Supah!

Teresa said...

Oh those are too funny! Found you from Supah Mommy! Looking forward to browsing through your blog, will be following you!

Faithful Mali said...

Found you from Supah's. I don't watch the Bachelor, but those stickies are funny.

Brittney said...

Wow im so lost in post it note land today! I dont watch survivor or bachelor ... i should start tuning in so i understand hahaha!!

shydub said...

Snow is not fun at all. It's leaking on our ceiling already.

Candice said...

1. I'm glad he didn't allow Ally to come back.

2. Gia annoys the shit out of me with her voice. She also talks like she's chewing her face off. Good riddance.

3. Tenley... See above comment.

4. Vienna looks like a rat. Seriously, chic is BUSTED!

Jake. You're screwed.

The Princess of Sarcasm said...

Remember that ass who was on Deanna's Bachelorette...Donato...the one who asked if her friend wanted to sit in his lap? My husband hired him. Not my proudest moment.

Stacey said...

I have only watched the show twice, but I have heard more about that girls ex husband than anything else!
I with ya on the snow!

Bethany said...

LOL!!! I love it. I agree with everything you said about The Bach. I can't WAIT to see what ol' Roz has to say for herself. Should be good.

And you better get your barf bag...because he's picking Vienna! :)

I gave up complaing for Lent, which I think includes trash talking...so I've really said all I can say. :)