Wednesday, September 5, 2012

J -O -B !!!

My word for the day...
...along with a big big wake up call!

And not how you might think
So many people, what with the upcoming election and all, are talking talking talking about jobs, and the economy and the election on and on and on.....

Don't get me wrong, that is important - but I have something MORE important to talk about today.

J - O - B   JOB in a word.
PASSION in a feeling.
Mine - in particular.
(and in turn - yours too!)

I am an Ultrasound Technologist.

I have been a waitress, a bank teller, an admin assistant, a sales associate, a bartender....
In a nutshell  -I have always had a job!  A "show up, do your job, go through the motions, go home and pay your bills" kind of JOB.  No real passion
For anyone following my blog, you will remember that only a few short years ago - I left my full time job at the time, to go back to attend full time Ultrasound school!  This was a huge decision.  And a life altering one no matter what the turn out from school might be.
But nonetheless, I felt that I was in a position at my current job of going nowhere and my passion was lying somewhere else.  {it HAD to be!!}

As I went through school,   I - as does everyone else   - thought
"OOOOHHHHHHH babies!!!  I'm gonna ultrasound BABIES!!!  I'm gonna show people their babies and smile and oooohhh and ahhhhhhh!!!"

And I do!!!    But.....

Even after I learned QUICKLY that was not ALL I was gonna do....

Even after I learned there are OTHER things we look at....

Even after I learned (shortly after working) that there would be happy oooohhh ahhhhh days - and definitely NOT so happy, cry days....

Even after all of that
I vowed to NEVER be cold and heartless
to NEVER be that tech that doesn't shed a tear and turns a shoulder at sad news.
I vowed that EVEN when looking and scanning and "showing pictures" became so routine that I could do it in my sleep ( for anyone that does ultrasound - you KNOW that should never happen!)  even then - I vow to be PASSIONATE about what I do.

And for the most part - that is still true!

Now - don't get me wrong.... for those of you that work in health care - you know there are some crazies out there.  Heck - for those of you that leave your house EVER, you KNOW there are some crazies out there!!!!

But my favorite (shhhhhhh) moments are when I'm doing a boring arterial and I'm describing what I'm about to do to the patient and she smiles and looks up and says "You love your job don't you??  I can tell!!"   Yeah - I'm that bubbly on your nerves tech that you wanna smack when your having a bad day....
BUT I'm also that "love my job and will hold your hand and cry with you" tech when your having a sad day.

Sometimes I'm afraid I lose that.  Some days I feel cold and heartless
And then I read a story like the one I'm about to share with you.
And it REJUVENATES my passion for what I do working in healthcare.   It rejuvenates my faith in doctors and nurses and ultrasound techs and everyone involved in a person's healthcare needs.

It REJUVENATES my passion and keeps me strong
and it makes me keep my heart and it LET'S me cry with the mommy that gets bad news.... and also cry with the mommy who gets good news.

Some days are fun and some days are not.
What we have to remember is - the patient is just that - a patient.  A PERSON.  And they have a story too.  And the cold bitter shoulder - or the warm tender compassion you show them can make all the difference.

I am blessed to have a job that I truly LOVE.
I am blessed to have the interaction with people that I have EVERY day.  (crazy and all!!)

I believe I am where I am for a reason......
God placed that passion in my heart and God put me where he could use that passion to glorify him.  I believe that.

Please read the link I have posted below.
What a tragic sad story with such an uplifting, passionate and GOD GLORIFYING family.  Grab your Kleenex, you will need it.
And when you're done reading - say a prayer for that family - and then THANK GOD for all the blessings that he has given you.
and for those sad days.... Thank him for those too - because they can somehow be used for blessings.

It is Well with my Soul

My favorite quote from this particular blog -

"I am convinced His ways are not our ways. They are far better."


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The Bonny Bard said...

It's so refreshing to read someone so passionate about what they do! off to read your link. (visiting from PYHO)

Ducky said...

As someone who once had GREAT passion for their job and that passion completely D I E D and has once again found the passion in work (just took a location change...still the same profession) I can attest to how important it is to one's wellbeing to love what you do. It is a blessing to be able to make that claim. It really is.

And I would HANDSDOWN LOVE to have someone in the medical field who is bubbly and "gets on your nerves" vs the detatched, I don't want to be here, YOU - the patient- are annoying me, person.

Blessings to you!

Ninnie said...

I agree 100% about the passion for what we do. I am also doing what I lov, but I am not here to talk about that. I remeber the day I came in on 2 occasions and you were my technician for 1 and you stayed with me for the other. I was HORRIFIED those days of results and the tests themselves, never having had the mammogram before. If you were not there for that I would have left and I never would have known the cystic overload I have is NOT cancer. Monday I have my last surgery (God willing) and if I never took those test the suffering from what I do have wouldnt be coming to some relief for a time. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANk YOU fort being there for and with me!

Shell said...

So happy for you that you have found a job that you are passionate about! Off to read...

charlene durbin said...

I know what you mean. When I started scanning, I was like that, and I was the one who was listening to the people telling me their life stories, all of the medicines they were taking, what happened to their husband's grandpa's Sister-in-Law's mom. I feel rushed anymore, and I hate that, so when I do get a patient who wants to talk an entire 20 min before I start scanning, I feel impatient. It's something I have to work on again. Also, I find that I have little patience anymore for the crazies but when I see something sad, it still really upsets me. And when I'm scanning babies, I feel I am truly happy for them (Well, a majority of them) and I try to make the 'show' exciting. I hope you keep the attitude that you have. It can be trying sometimes!

Adrienne said...

I love that you love what you do! I think your job is a tough one. We don't think about those tender moments when the x-ray tech is the only one in the room when we get bad news, good news, uncertain news...It's so nice to read that you are so compassionate toward your patients.