Thursday, August 30, 2012

Family Matters... yeah we're cool.... What?!!

Baby J, me, middle C and their wives.
I got all my brothers and me....

My son has told me time and time again how great our family is.

We are lucky!
It warms my heart.

I'm the oldest (and the only girl) with two baby brothers.  We are approximately 6-7 years apart from the next.  Making my baby brother about 13 years younger than me.  So growing up, me and baby J weren't that close.  Actually - me and middle C weren't that close either.  I was mean and jealous (and a bit rebellious) and middle C became someone for me to pick on  ;-)   And dress up like a girl.... and
**Story** convince to eat a banana- which I so lovingly placed a booger on... yeah - he threw up.  And still to this day can't eat a banana (MAN I was mean!)

So all added up - it cracks me up when we are all together.  Growing up so far apart in age and really not that close..... but VERY competitive of one another nonetheless.....
We are SOOOOO much alike, yet all SOOOO very different, and taken such different paths in life.  We have had ups and downs and round and rounds....  but all in all.... I'm so very thankful for my little baby bros.  They keep me young.  They keep me on my toes.
I still to this day don't believe that THEY can do anything I can't do!!!

**Story**  Thus why when I was DEFINITELY OLD enough to know better, my baby brother jumped a bike ramp in front of me in the back yard.  I used to ride bikes too.... it's cool.  I'm COOL.  I can do that.  So what did I do?   Threw on some too big tennis shoes of my brothers...
(cuz I was smart enough not to jump a bike in flip-flops - DUHHH)
and I JUMPED that bike ramp
(which was a recycle bin with a piece of wood over it!  Are you getting a mental picture yet???!!)
I jumped it!
OK - I more "road over it" than jumped it.
Because when you "jump" a ramp, apparently you pull back on the handle bars... I seemed to have forgotten that part of the procedure.
Which landed me flipped over the handle bars on my hiney, with a broken collar bone!  LOL
yeah - whatever.......  I still tried  ;-)

Big or small, laughing or crying.... mad or happy - I wouldn't trade them for the world.  OR any of the stories and inside jokes that we have to share.

I read this from a mother recently and it makes me a little sad that baby Z is an only child......
"You can argue all you want here at home, but when you go out into the world, you stick together."

"Be nice to your siblings.  
They are your best link to your past, 
and the people most likely to stick with you in the future"


I guess I'll just have to let baby Z borrow my brothers...... I hope he knows either of them would do anything in the world, not just for me - but for him too!!!

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