Wednesday, September 12, 2012

To cut or not to cut??!

I know EVERY girl has gone through this...
well MOST of you probably have....

I'm debating.....

to cut or NOT to cut.....

Here is my hair now.....  (it's a hot mess in this pic - but you can see the length)
I've been growing and growing.... and this MIGHT be the longest it's ever been......

I work in a medical facility and wear scrubs to work every day.  It literally takes 5 min to brush and throw my hair in a pony tail before work every morning...  It's quick.  It's easy.
And I go to the GYM, and SWEAT....  It's easy to throw up my "pebbles" do on top of my head and keep my hair up and out of the way and off my neck.....

My problem with my long hair.....
It's LAZY!
and it has no STYLE!!
And I mean really - my style is nothing more than "Pony Tail"  
Don't get me wrong - I can flat iron the crap out of it and make it look all sleek and shiny and pretty  (CHEEEEEESE!)
But it NEVER....... NEVER stays that way for long.
it's up before the day is over...
on my nerves!

and I have WAY more pizazz than that!!!  HA!

I'm SASSY yo!!!!!!

So I'm contemplating the cut!!!

Here is what I'm looking at.......

It's a big cut!
I've had my hair this short before.
It's so much quicker to blow dry... but then I HAVE to style....  (my hair is not straight - it has a natural wave that is NOT pretty to be seen in public!)

No more pony tail

No wash n' go

I  have  to  STYLE!

But it's oh soooo SASSY!
and my Red will be POPPIN!!!

Whatcha think????

Cut or NO cut?????!!!


Cathy Sanspree said...

Besides, it grows back.

Scope said...

Bald is beautiful! :-P