Tuesday, September 18, 2012

This. IS. War!

And I'm not playing NICE anymore!!!!!!

I am a softie.
I am.
I get it from my daddy.

.... when it comes to animals
.... all things living
.... I'm just a big softie.
I could NEVER work at an animal shelter or anywhere where animals are abused.
I would take them ALL home with me.
My heart couldn't take it.

I can watch war and killing and maliciously EVIL horrific HORROR stories all day long and maybe cry. 
But throw in an animal being harmed... throw in a "Marley and Me" and I'm TOAST.
I'm a sack of weeping mush.   Really.

I refer to my dad as ... not the DOG whisperer, but the "ANIMAL" whisperer.
I swear.  His heart is soooooo big - I honestly believe a grizzly bear would crawl up in his lap and purr.
I'm that kind of soft.

But tonight.....
I'm over it.
I put that away.

THIS.  IS.  WAR!!!!!!!!

My house is clean...... I'm one of the most OCD people out there. Ask anyone that I work with - OR anyone who's been to my "house where everything has a place"   OR ask my son!  :-/
 (PLUS I got my new Norwex cleaning supplies now!!  duhhhhhhhhhhhhh)

On the flip side-  MICE have to be the nastiest dirtiest little GRODY rodents out there!!!

SOOOOOOOO   WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY are they invading my house?!!!   WHY!!!
They don't belong here!!!!!!

Last week, I found a few little mouse "drippings" (as they were referred to today at work - ha!) in my kitchen drawers.  Two drawers in particular.   So I cleaned them out and purchased some glue traps over the weekend.   Shortly after I placed the traps, we had mouse #1 and mouse #2.

Mouse #1
Mouse #2

I mean..... yeah - they are MICE and they POOP everywhere.... and yes - when I found them I screamed like a little girl....  But they are tiny.  And they looked so sad and pitiful all stuck in the glue... and panting...  STUCK there.  Couldn't move.   (and believe me - Mouse #2 was trying..  his whole head was stuck in the glue, so when he bucked, the whole trap lifted up!)  Those sad little beady eyes.... My poor soft heart broke.   So my sweet boyfriend, nurturing my soft little heart, took them outside and peeled them away from the glue and let them go.  (Away from my house of course... so that they would hopefully run away and find some abandoned building to stow away in for the winter!)

And at this point I'm thinking we are GOOD!  TWO drawers with poop.   Two mice!  DONE.


Where there are two - there are apparently FIFTY!!!!!!

I put more traps where the other two were... in the same drawers.... and then again, last night......  I opened the drawer and there it was.

Mouse #3!!!!

He's barely in that glue trap.  His tail is in the peanut butter and he's wrapped up in some gauze.   But while stuck there he managed to chew on some more of my tissue paper and my gift bags!!  GRRRRRRRRRRRR
Once again, my sweet boyfriend took out the glue trap and mouse (this time, not quite so cheerfully)...

So - after ripping mouse 3 from the trap and tossing it - I put my 4th and final glue trap back in this same drawer.   This time, I cleaned out everything else in the drawer... leaving only the trap and some flea medicine and some medical tape.   Hoping there would be nothing there for nesting...

Well - this morning - I got up to this.......
Little PUNK!!!

The little PUNK ate ALL the peanut butter from the trap and dragged it to the back of the drawer.  All the while leaving plenty of his "drippings" in my dang drawer.

So I'm over it.

My soft heart has had enough.

Tonight - I bought THIS!!!!!!!!!!!
No VIEW, No TOUCH traps!!!

See the BIG BOLD letters............... KILLS MICE!!!!!
while in fine print.... no view, no touch traps!
PERFECT for my war!!!
I don't have to see them.  I don't have to touch them.  And my poor boyfriend doesn't have to hold my heart while he rips them from that glue and sets them free!  Perfect!!
I'm over the mice.  Whether it be an all new mouse each time, coming from a pack of 50 perched up in my house - OR whether it might be the same dang mouse coming back every time.....
At least one or two have been caught - and it couldn't have been pleasant for them - right?!!
So some dumb mouse should have either known better for themselves - OR gone out and warned all their dumb little friends about the "House of Pain"

Because now.... they have started a war.

And I'm KILLING mice and taking names......

 Even if it IS with a trap that I don't have to touch them... or look into those sad little eyes after they are dead....
let the killing begin!!!

I'm done playing nice.  I gotta box up my soft heart for a minute!  (and give my bf a break from mouse rescuing!)  

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