Friday, September 28, 2012

Actions speak louder than Words

It's that age old "saying" that we have all heard a million times.
Think about it....
Actions DO speak louder than words!!!

And no matter how many times we hear it, we still.... or at least I do - WANT to believe and see the best in people and their words.  Maybe it gives me hope for humanity... who knows?!!
But I have always found myself to be a pretty trusting person.

When someone gives me their word or promises to be there or do something - I guess I put stock in that and trust them. 
I TRUST their words.

And sometimes, the actions to follow don't coincide with those words.

Yet still........ I keep the faith and see the best in people.
Whether it be the same person over and over again.... or someone I just met
I just try to believe that there is good in everyone.

At least I always have....
And I guess I do still HOPE.
But then I ran across this quote and I got to thinking.......
yep.... how very VERY true.

And it doesn't pertain to just men in the literal sense (although all the man-haters out there can definitely take this and run with it!  ha)   Hey I just speak the truth  ;-)
THIS quote pertains more to life and what we see in people (mankind) as a whole....
Here it is .....
the profound quote to leave with you today!!!

 As I grow older I pay less attention to what men say.  
I just watch what they do.  
~Andrew Carnegie~

There are so many men people out there that profess over and over "I am this" or "I am that" or "I want this" or "I want that"
and I am learning........ NOT to put stock in that.
Sure I am still somewhat trusting and hopeful.  Yeah - I will still see the best in people.... I am filled with love and hope and optimism.  But it doesn't mean that I'm a pushover.
(and you are sorely mistaken if you thought I was!)

It also means that the actions that I SEE now and pay MORE attention to, mean so much more to me than the 10,000 words and empty promises you can spill.
Words can temporarily fill you with love and make you feel sooooo special.  
And words can temporarily break you into tiny tiny pieces in an instant (I have a teenager at home.. I KNOW!)
BUT there is nothing in the world better than someone actually SHOWING you every day that you mean the world....  not just saying it - but showing you.... actions.... over and over again.
Even if the words hurt sometimes... the actions have shown you otherwise.

And THAT is so much more comforting than just empty words.

That is what I watch.
That is what matters.

And when I focus on THAT........ I have never felt so positive and hopeful regarding everyone and everything in my life!!  I am blessed  :-)

And so are you.  
You just have to choose to see the actions that count and refuse to listen to the words that don't!

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