Thursday, May 17, 2012

Studently speaking...

Friday is upon us - HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!

This officially marks the second week of my lifestyle change
(NOT diet!)

There have been other small changes too....
But by far the most drastic change has been my horrible horrible diet!!!  I'm officially "eating clean".
This will NOT however be the most drastic change in the end...
there is still lots to do!!!!

Over the past two weeks - I have had ZERO Mountain Dew and ZERO sweet tea!!  You have to understand - I am a soft drink / sweet tea JUNKIE!  So for me - this IS huge in itself!!!  I have drank nothing but water for almost 2 weeks!!!!  I mean....aside from the ONE cup of coffee I still allow myself in the AM!! 
I said I was changing my eating/drinking habits, but that in NO WAY made me a better morning person without my coffee!  HA!  I did at least switch to splenda and fat free creamer!  :)

And here's the kicker - it hasn't been as hard as I was afraid it was going to be!
It really is about making smarter choices and PLANNING AHEAD!!!  I am soooo not a planner - but I have done pretty well because I put my mind to a goal and we're going for it!
I have prepared in advance (I mean actually cooked!) something to take and eat for lunch every day since I made this change.   I don't even cook dinner people, but I'm on a mission! 
So let me correct that - I DIDN'T cook dinner..... now I cook in bulk!!!  for lunch AND dinner!!  :)

IT'S ON!!!!

AND - I have lost 5 pounds!!

Don't think I'm trying to get all anorexic on ya.... I'm losing FAT (pounds), in order to gain back MUSCLE (pounds).  It's not the number on the scale as much as it is about transforming your body!!!

And this girl has made a nice little $100 wager with her Coach B about who can get VISIBLE ABS first!!!
I have NEVER had visible abs.....
So this is a BIG GOAL for me.....
But we are pushing each other ....

And next week - I start being PUSHED literally by Coach B in the gym.  Let me just tell you that THIS guy dead lifts for fun!!!  Dude is built.  And strong.   And he's gonna push me till I cry  (it's ok - I gave him permission to do so!!)

And hopefully - my goal... no - NOT hopefully - but MY GOAL IS to have visible abs, FIRST all before coach - and SECOND of all, I would like to sport them around before the summer is over!!!!!!!!!  ha ha




My reward for this week..... what I've been looking forward to all week is.......
Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup flavored protein shakes tomorrow!!!!!!
You see....... it's ALL about PERSPECTIVE!!!!!!!!!!

So I'm giving myself an A+ so far.  Coach is proud of me... SO - I think I'm off to a good start.   Next week starts the physical pushing and transforming!

Hope I keep all A's!!!!!

Anybody wanna journey with me?????  You are all welcome to make a better you!!  :)

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