Thursday, May 3, 2012

Didn't mean to start a war....

I swear it's a constant battle over here....
I wish they would just get on the same page!
It's ridiculous and it's pulling me in two different directions almost every day!
And tearing me in two.....

One says one thing.....
one says another....
I know what my head KNOWS is the right thing to do
but I follow my heart almost always...

DANG-IT - it seems like EVERY time I follow my heart, my head says "told ya so!'

I'm not just talking relationships here people.  I'm talking about life!!!!

The one million choices that we deal with on almost a daily basis....
which do YOU follow?
Your head or your heart???

I almost religiously follow my heart
KNOWING that my heart leads me....and KNOWING that there is a chance my little heart will be hurt....
I'm smarter than that most times.... but I do it anyway!!
Do I have a better head or a better heart????
I say ... head
no no no - HEART
no - wait.... head.

My heart should be pretty smart - but it's not.   Well maybe it is.  
Yeah - that's what I'm going with 
My heart IS smart - I have a BETTER heart than head...  heck - I have a better HEART than most!!!
The problem is not MY heart....
the problem is that no one else out there thinks with their heart anymore.

No one cares about anyone but themselves anymore.

People are too focused on outdoing and outsmarting someone else to think with their hearts anymore.
Well I don't care.
You may try to break my heart... but my heart is BIGGER than that and it can take all you can dish out!

The heart is a muscle - and just like every other muscle in your body, the more you work it out - the bigger and stronger it gets......
Mine is HUGE and strong enough to take what this world can throw!




Galit Breen said...

I choose heart, too.

(Love this, girl!)

Scope said...

My head.

My heart can get to scared. My head says, "Get on that plane!"