Wednesday, May 9, 2012


One of the first things to do in order to grow as a person is to admit your faults.  Admit your weaknesses.  Forgive yourself for your shortcomings!!!

 Makes sense.... right?!!

Wanna know my biggest one?!
I don't have a problem admitting it.....
(shhhhhhhh - don't tell anyone!)

It's patience
I have none.  With anything...
myself.... my child sometimes.... life... whatever it may be?!

I'm a child of instant gratification.
I'm an impulse shopper... I'm an impulse vacationer.... I'm an impulse skydiver!!!
((PS - I just like to refer to it as SPONTANEOUS!!!)

OK - so I know this.
I have admitted it time and time again.

My question is - HOW do you get past that?
Is there somewhere I can go to BUY some patience??!!!
Cause I need plenty.

If admitting it is the first step - whats the next step??
Someone told me to pray for patience one time.  BUT I remember distinctly a woman I went to church with saying DO NOT PRAY FOR PATIENCE, because God will give you trial after trial after trial until you LEARN patience!!!
I've had my share of trials...... I have!!
And It's not that there is anything wrong.
Life is good.

But I was reminded again today that I have no patience.  Just for example, I have been "lifestyle (diet) changed" for 3 whole days now....  THREE
And I got on the scale today.
Wanna know what it said.....
it LAUGHED!!!!
It taunted me with ONE FREAKING POUND.

Now granted I just changed my diet 3 days ago, but I started exercising last week.
Can I see a little fruit of my labor (passing up all those blizzards and chik-fil-a and mexican and well... just eating out!)?!!  LOL

I'm really ok.  Most days I'm fine.  Most days I don't think about it...
but then I drive past that yellow convertible camaro and I want it now!!!!!  (dont' get me wrong, I know I have other things to take care of first, but it aggravates me nonetheless that I can't just go to the dealership TODAY and have it in my driveway tonight.)

If you know where I can get some, let me know  :)

(my "swole" coach would appreciate it too!  ha!  I'm already on his nerves with "what results?  I see NO results?"  )

PS - I'm SURE there are many other character flaws I possess, but THAT one is my vice...  my Achilles heel... the one I can't seem to conquer.

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