Sunday, May 6, 2012

"Now you know why the birds sing..."

Just in case you don't follow my facebook page - I am back home, safe and sound, from my skydiving adventure yesterday!!

I'm STILL reeling from the adrenaline high and the absolute RUSH from the whole thing!  It's just something that you can't put into words.

And as a side note - if there are ANY of you out there considering a skydive - I HIGHLY recommend
Sky Dive Kentucky.  It's in Elizabethtown, KY.  If you are even remotely close to there - Go there for your jump and be sure to tell them I sent you!!!  ha ha    I have jumped with Mike Trick and Larry - my videographer was Kevin.  They and the entire staff there are FANTASTIC!!!  Even if you are nervous (or scared to death), they help put your mind at ease and talk you through every step along the way!  Seriously - they are sooooo much fun!!!  I honestly would go up there every weekend if I had an endless supply of $$$$!!!  ha ha
Of course I was informed yesterday that the CHEAPEST way to keep coming back is to get my skydiving license and start doing solo dives........ hmmmmmmmmmm....  Do I have that in me????!!

Oh.... and if you DO decide to go - LET ME KNOW - I'm SOOOOOO there with you!!!  duhhhhh....

Well anyway - on our dive yesterday, Larry says to me as we're cruising around under the chute - and while I'm just absolutely awestruck at the view and the feeling, he says "Now you know why the birds sing...."  What a fantastic thought....  He's right..... heck I wanted to sing - and I CAN'T sing!!!! (so I didn't... Your welcome Larry!  ha)
Up there, there are no words for the freedom and exhilleration and just.... I don't know... weightlessness; not a care in the world feeling that you have. 
And then once you hit the ground - it's like.... you can do ANYTHING!!!  Even though I jumped with someone strapped to my back (I'm sure solo sky divers think us tandem divers are weenies!  ha ha)  but regardless, even though I was strapped onto someone, when I hit the ground, it was like "I CAN DO ANYTHING!!!"   ANYTHING!!!

Like I'm pretty sure if I wanted to ask Adam Levine out on a date right now, if I had his phone number, I would TOTALLY just call him right up and ask!!!  (does anyone have his number by the way?!  or maybe an email address??!!  ha ha)

But seriously....... coming off that jump  - today I feel brand new.
I feel empowered - I feel invigorated - I feel like I can do anything!!!
I just floated with God.... on his wings... he was right there with me...  He's got this... heck he's got whatever I can dish out... right?!!!
He didn't make a mistake when he made me!!!  :)

So on that high..... I'm gonna break out the books and get back to studying - I just made myself get online and sign up for my next Board exam... the more you do the better, and the more you do keeps your mind in tip top shape!!!
Don't ever slow down, life will pass you by!!!

Push the envelope
Live life to the fullest
Always have goals
Always have PASSION
and MOST importantly...........
don't ever let ANYONE take ANY of that away from you just because they have none!!!!!!

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Scope said...

Wait a second...

I'm confused...

Did you enjoy the jump or not? I'm having difficulty telling. :-P

Glad you stretched your wings.