Monday, June 28, 2010

Please send money......

or time....
money or time - I'll take either today!  LOL

Peace out!
I'm outta here! (wink)

who KNEW?!?!!!!!!
I'm all about doing a "budget" wedding - but GOSH stuff is EXPENSIVE!!!
we are still 8 weeks out and it just keeps adding up.
I had NOOOO idea!!!

The courthouse is looking more and more tempting!!!

here's the update
things are moving right along ..........
Got my dress on Saturday (which I can't POST because it's a SECRET!) and T is ALL ABOUT trying to get a glimpse of it... sheeeesh!
Bridesmaid dresses are almost all ordered....just one to go after today!
Got dresses for T's girls (hope they fit, they haven't tried them on yet)
Met with my my flower man!  Have some AWESOME ideas for centerpieces (crossing fingers that it works out!)
Meeting with photographer today after work!

Still need to finish putting together invitations, & get those mailed out.
Need a piano player....??  anyone?!
CORRECTION:  update to the UPDATE - we DON'T need a piano player...  we have a GUITAR player!  (Yay!)  Actually - we have TWO!  ;-)  *I think?*
Need "engagement" pictures (just a couple to use for the paper and the house of course!)

Need MONEY!  ha ha

got the church - check
got the reception hall - check..........

What. Am. I. Missing????????

OHHHHHHHHHHHH - what about a MINISTER to do the ceremony?!
yup - don't have one of those yet?
T offered to play both roles...... the groom AND the minister.
He even said he could even "RECORD" it so he could stand in the same place the entire time... and he'll just leave pauses in the tape for times we need to speak! 

here's another idea..........
a few weeks ago - we met Billy Gibbons...... (ZZ Top)
word on the street is that he is ordained in 49 states?  wonder if KY is one of them?

so I'm thinking - what if I let T ask BILLY GIBBONS to do the ceremony??????

What do you all think???!!

How do we look?????????????????????


Tracie said...

LOL! I think you're doing great for such short notice!

MJ said...

I think you ROCK girl!!!!!

much love & support MJ

StephieB said...

Please, please, PLEASE get married by the guy from ZZ Top! We can all wear Cheap Sunglasses at the reception!!!!!! :) Call me if you need help with anything!!! <3

Scope said...

Ummm, is Billy pinching your nipple there?

Oh, and you forgot:
- Food.
- Beverages.
- Tuxes
- Limo
- Cake
- Guest book
- Guest book pen
- Bridal party gifts

We are getting cake & flowers from the Safeway supermarket. Going with red roses for the flowers.

Just relax. And have you signed up with "The Knot"? They have some good tools.

Scope said...

Let me guess, that constitutes "Not helping."

Then I won't mention "rehearsal dinner."

tori said...

how cool would that be to get married by billy gibbons!! ask. all he can say is no right?

Daffy said...

I'm super stoked for you!!!1

If I had it to do all over again, I would totally elope.

Holly said...

I vote you should be do it...let him marry you! Almost anyone can marry a couple in CA...not sure about your neck of the woods.

send money abroad said...
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